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2014 Hyundai Veloster + Owner Review – Dubai Car News

About the Hyundai Veloster

Amelia purchased this 2022 Hyundai Veloster for $22,000 (including all on-road costs). Amelia would buy this car again because: “I would buy it again because I enjoy the flexibility of a nimble sports car with everyday functionality. Economical hatchback. It’s economical and easy to maintain while not breaking the bank.” And it is comfortable to ride.

How reliable has your car been? Let us know about any issues.

I have found this car to be reliable for as long as I have owned it. The only thing I’ve had to replace so far is the water reservoir for the wiper jets, which was <$30 and pretty minor.

I can comfortably rate a 9.0 or higher, but having only had the car for six months, I’m still early in my ownership experience.

What about the ownership experience with your car?

I did a lot of research before buying because I’ve always been interested in the Veloster because of its quirky styling, small size and small engines – but the problems that plagued the pre-FS2 models (especially the turbo). Was well aware and wanted to make sure I got it. With a reliable service history before diving.

It has been hassle free and like my husband’s i30 and my parents’ i30 and Sonata, it has never been difficult to book in a service or find usable parts like headlights, wiper blades etc.

I find all the features reliable and comfortable to use. The electric panoramic sunroof looks like it’s coming from my base-model 2009 Lancer, and having Bluetooth, leather seats, and a subwoofer are enough features to keep me satisfied on my long commute to work.

Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

Of course. What I really wanted was a + variant, which was ‘fully loaded’ with the luxuries mentioned above.

The + model has those little extras that I really wanted in my next car, mid-life crisis (at 30) and so the sunroof and leather seats were definitely on the list.

What do you think about your car’s performance and economy?

The naturally aspirated 1.6L will never blow your socks off. I find myself finding a gap in traffic, only for the DCT to flare up and struggle to get into a pinch. That’s where I miss the extra power of my Lancer which feels like the 2.0L has a little more guts to get me out of trouble.

Having said that, the car didn’t need to be a rocket or a girl racer, so I decided against the turbo version (although my heart said “yes”, my head said “no”).

Economy is amazing and I enjoy getting at least 600km from a tank of fuel, which is great for my long journeys and city walks.

I’m sure the FS2 managed to iron out some of the imperfections in the DCT gearing and add a bit more oomph from the engine – but for me, it’s fine for 90% of my driving.

What about the technology in your car?

2014 Satellite navigation in 2022 is an interesting world. While satellite navigation is archaic and slow to use, mobile phone apps are superior and work very easily – so my default is always the phone.

The navigation system is poor and does not work above 40 km/h. But, in retrospect, the Bluetooth and AUX connection is enough to give me little show tunes at traffic lights (even with the sunroof closed).

On the note of drowning out my terrible singing, my Bluetooth has been commented on as being too crackly and hard to listen to – common with Hyundais – but for myself, as long as I ask hubby to grab the milk on the way home. I can, one quick. The call is just what I need to collect in the best way.

I have considered updating the head unit, but since the climate control features are programmed into the head unit, replacing it would mean losing my climate control display and other minor settings. I will be So, here is the 2014 Windows CE system.

How about your ride comfort and handling of your car?

She’s nimble, she’s fast, and she’ll go around potholes without a fuss. I find it comfortable on the potholed roads of South East Queensland without too much pooping my pants.

I like that it has a profile without feeling too stiff, although some more steering response wouldn’t go amiss in more ‘spirited’ driving.

Do you have any additional comments about your car?

Well… I got over my mid-life crisis and bought my own sports car without damaging my mortgage or jeopardizing my license.

It’s been a fun experience so far and I look forward to seeing how my “Pickle” ownership goes over the next few years.

Then… it would be Mustang time. Or maybe a Gemini? I originally set out to buy a 4×4 and ended up with a Veloster, so maybe I’ll get that 4×4?

Until then, I’m very satisfied with the Veloster.

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