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2021 Subaru Outback AWD Owner Review – Dubai Car News

About the Subaru Outback

R Clarke bought this Subaru Outback new with extra options for $44,000 (including all on-road costs). R Clarke would buy the car again because: “The Subaru Outback has come a long way since I owned one in the eighties, but this new model, even though it’s a budget version, packs a lot of advanced tech. There’s no shortage of creature comforts with safety. A strong sense of safety and comfort inside the cabin. We feel safe and secure wrapped inside its metal cocoon, which is very quiet.”

How reliable has your car been? Let us know about any issues.


The stop/start system seems very reliable although it chooses when to operate based on parameters built into the software.

What about the ownership experience with your car?

The ownership experience with this car has been exemplary, far better than any I’ve had before, including Holden, Ford and Kia.

I believe this is because Subaru excels in customer service, not only to get your money out of your pocket during the sale, but to politely address any concerns we may have. are open to that which assures us as owners.

How has the purchase and aftercare experience been with your car?

The purchase was a bit difficult during the initial negotiations but this may have been due to a misunderstanding. This was soon resolved and we got back on board after speaking to the manager who was extremely polite.

We opted for the obligatory no-bow tie photo, as we felt we were getting too old for such nonsense and settled for a simple photo with our new car.

The aftercare experience was poor as there was no contact other than the EyeSight safety update recall and no reminder for the first service.

Also when the car was taken in for the free first check we were not spoken to as referred to in the Subaru advertising literature and asked how we were getting on with the car. Even after the first service was completed, no attempt was made by the company to gauge the customer’s views on how they were receiving the vehicle.

Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

We feel that new car prices are high, but the car we bought is very well priced in the market, with an amazing amount of safety tech included in the base model and making us want to upgrade to a more expensive model. Didn’t feel the need.

Although it must be said that as it was then, and even more so today, out of stock, the salesman never even tried to sell us because I think he was just trying to pull off his demonstration. He was the one who belonged to him. Contacted us to come in and buy.

What do you think about your car’s performance and economy?

Although I have seen many reviews on my vehicle, some of which are less than stellar, I cannot agree with this assumption.

Both my wife and I feel that it is more than up to the task of pulling both of us in and getting the car out at high speed on demand.

There hasn’t been a situation yet where we say to ourselves, ‘Wow, we sure could have used some more power there’.

Fuel economy has been around the manufacturers figures so far, some times less and some times more depending on how I drive it. But overall, I’d say it does what it says on the tin.

What about the technology in your car?

The technology in the car is amazing, I especially like the blind spot monitoring when I’m reversing. It’s a relief to have an oncoming car warning.

And then there’s the lane-keep assist steering that almost steers the car by itself. I like to use it on long drives and it helps reduce fatigue.

I often find myself using the adaptive cruise control even when driving around town because it allows me to steer only when the car keeps up with traffic and then automatically when needed. It stops. Trusting the system took some getting used to at first, but now it seems second nature to shut off the engine and sit quietly when the car comes to a stop, then take off again with traffic as needed.

How about your ride comfort and handling of your car?

The ride and comfort of this vehicle is acceptable and borders on luxury. The vehicle handles road irregularities with ease, giving an acceptable acknowledgment of any bumps without any harshness inside the cabin.

Cornering, though very good, should be tempered with the fact that it rides higher than most wagons and with that in mind we feel it does an acceptable job of cornering without the obligatory lean. is more

Do you have any additional comments about your car?

I’d like to see the manual adapted to be read on an information screen rather than a large book, and have some way of adjusting the lane to suit Australian conditions as it tends to drift too close to the middle of the road. . .

Also since this is a vehicle intended to take dirt roads there is probably a secondary seal system inside the doors and tailgate to prevent mud from splashing where clothes would rub on entry and exit.

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