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2021 Volvo S60 T5 INSCRIPTION Owner Review – Dubai Car News

About the Volvo S60

Lachlan M bought this Volvo S60 new with extra options for $65,000 (including all on-road costs). Lachlan M would buy this car again because: “I’m really impressed with the excellent off-the-shelf specs, high quality fit and finish, and it suits my personal needs.

Very comfortable to drive, with great tech to assist the drive, and features that I miss when switching between this and another car. A little sleeper, even without Polestar optimization, it made it a lot more fun.”

How reliable has your car been? Let us know about any issues.

Has been very reliable, as you would expect in a 15 month old car. The auto high beam and bending headlights were a bit of a letdown in the first few weeks, but they haven’t slowed down since then.

Apple CarPlay can also occasionally crash, especially when plugged in before starting the car.

There is a dent in the passenger door (my own fault) but dented a bit more than I would have thought the effects would have.

What about the ownership experience with your car?

It was difficult to book the first service. The local dealer cited a nine-week wait on initial enquiry.

After the Volvo car arrived in Australia, I was booked in within four. Still a decent wait, and not up to previous service experience with the dealer group I’ve had in the past with a different marque.

I have a five year service plan included, so no maintenance costs yet. I am still in the early stages of the life cycle at just over 12,000 km.

How has the purchase and aftercare experience been with your car?

After wheeling and dealing to get our preferred color and audio pack, we finally struck a deal. As the car was on water I waited nine weeks for delivery, which is quite competitive in the current environment.

Having a good local dealer was key to my decision making, especially since I have also dealt with this dealer group for a long time.

Service/Aftercare, see comments above.

Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

Very happy with the on road price. An equally specified Lexus/BMW/MB was at least $10k+ more.

Enjoying driver assistance technology. You get used to it very quickly, which is a sign of good ergonomics and logic.

The clean interior design and portrait screen display take some getting used to. Only seven buttons!

I wish there was a separate button to turn on the 360 ​​camera instead of swiping in the menu and/or selecting reverse.

Would have liked B&W audio, but not possible with my preferred color/grade at the time.

What do you think about your car’s performance and economy?

Even without Polestar’s correction, performance has been impressive. (one day, maybe)

Heavy on fuel, as I expected. It is a heavy vehicle and adds AWD. But it’s lights off instantly and I may have a ‘big foot’ so it’s more driver than car…

What about the technology in your car?

Excellent works very well, and is not too intrusive.

You trust it and it becomes very familiar very quickly. Pilot assist is impressive, especially on a divided regional highway that isn’t full of commuter traffic. Carplay can be a bit choppy, but overall is very well integrated.

How about your ride comfort and handling of your car?

Very comfortable and perfect on a long country highway. It eats up the miles with comfortable seating, a quiet interior and a good audio package.

It will be interesting to see how the Continental tires hold up, as I have a feeling they won’t be as durable as the Michelins I’ve been driving for 20+ years.

Do you have any additional comments about your car?

Waiting four months now for the Thule crossbars (connecting kit) as this is not a common model.

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