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Things we like.

  • Excellent braking performance
  • Simple controls and functionality
  • Improved road dynamics

Not so much

  • It’s showing its age compared to newer utes.
  • Performance on rough terrain
  • Safety tech is lacking behind the class leaders.

TToyota Australia has thrown in its first challenger in the emerging sports 4×4 ute segment. 2022 Hulk Rogue.

The big ticket item that differentiates this Rogue from the previous model and all other current Hiluxes is a new suspension package that features both front and rear wheel tracks.

This is not a small track increase achieved simply by changing the offset of the wheels as some manufacturers have previously claimed. no.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 76


The wide track has been designed to improve the Hilux Rogue’s on- and off-road stability by widening the footprint on the road. While they were at it, Toyota claimed a 20mm rise in ride height for better ground clearance.

The Hilux Rogue was previously a luxury dress-up pack at the top end of the Hilux model range. Heated leather seats, a JBL sound system, and a roller shutter on the carpeted cargo tub set it apart from regular models, but no performance gains put the Rogue firmly in the realm of the equipment pack.

The good news is that the Rogue still gets all those luxury features but becomes the only model in the range with these new wider track underpinnings.

Not only that, but the price of the 2022 Hilux Rogue remains unchanged at $70,200. It’s not often that you don’t find something new!


Model Price
2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue $70,200 +ORC

Powertrain and performance

The N80 Hilux Rogue is powered by Toyota’s 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine that produces 150kW of power and 500Nm of torque. The Rogue is offered only with a 6-speed automatic transmission and part-time four-wheel drive.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 121


It’s a punchy drivetrain that carries the Rogue well. Improvements to this engine in 2019 changed the way it drives and now has performance to match 4-cylinder diesel-powered rivals such as the Ford Ranger, and the Isuzu D-MAX/Mazda BT-50 twins. .

Interestingly, we found this Rogue’s engine to be quieter than the one in the SR5 we drove earlier this year, so perhaps the Rogue gets a bit more sound insulation than lower-end models.

On-road ride and handling

The front wheel track on the Hilux Rogue has been widened by 135mm to 1670mm. This was achieved by using extensions to the control arms to move the wheels out.

Engineers also used this opportunity to move the lower strut mounts further out, changing the angle of the spring and damper to improve the way it worked. You can see on the new extension where the strut now meets its end, where it was previously on top of the wing while a spacer at the top of the strut allows it to be canted outwards and possibly 20mm higher. causes . The front stabilizer bar was also widened to match the revised front end.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 137


The rear track was widened by installing a completely new axle assembly. One that’s 155mm wider than the old one, taking the track width to 1705mm – resulting in a front-to-rear track difference of 35mm.

Again, the way the dampers are mounted has changed and they are now located outside the chassis rails where they are closer to the wheels to better manage the wider axle.

For the first time, a stabilizer bar has been fitted to the Hilux’s rear axle to help keep the Rogue flat on the road.

In another first for a Hilux, disc brakes are also fitted to the rear axle making it the only current Hilux with 4-wheel discs. Vented rear rotors measure 312 mm in diameter and are clamped by single-piston calipers.

Larger rear brakes are supported by larger front discs that range from 25mm to 338mm.

The final chassis change on the new Rogue is the step up to 18-inch alloy wheels instead of the 17-inch ones fitted to the previous Rogue.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 30


The result of all these changes is a rogue that is flatter on the roads and can be advantageous on twisty mountain passes. The ride is still firm as the Rogue maintains its load and towing capabilities, but the extra width of the track allows for slightly more travel at the wheels and the altered shock and strut geometry and rear stabilizer bar keep the composure. helps

The new brake package is the best we’ve experienced in a mid-size ute. It offers plenty of power and a precise pedal feel that really pulls the Rogue up instantly. This is especially noticeable when you just jump from a new ranger with its confusing brakes.

Off road

Aside from the 20mm extra ride height, the changes to the N80 Hilux’s chassis do little if anything for the Rogue’s off-road performance. Any additional wheel travel on the rear axle is prevented by a new stabilizer bar.

It’s a bit disappointing that Toyota hasn’t used these chassis updates to give the Rogue better dampeners, but you have to consider that these upgrades come without any price increases.

“The N80 Hilux’s best off-road attribute is its excellent electronic traction control”

On a gravel road that has been heavily potholed due to recent rains and traffic, the Hilux is easily distracted and pushed off the line while crossing them, requiring the driver to correct the steering to maintain the line. was needed.

While this is fairly standard behavior for 1-tonne 4×4 utes in such conditions, a Ford Ranger (non-Raptor) exhibited no such behavior on the same track on the same day.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 81


Anyone hoping the Rogue’s wide-track suspension will be a Raptor-challenging package will surely be disappointed, but we think Toyota will have more to say about that in 2023.

The N80 Hilux’s best off-road attribute is its excellent electronic traction control, whose calibration is so quick that you’re usually better off relying on it than using the standard rear differential lock when traversing rough country.

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With its heated leather seats and nine-speaker JBL sound system, the Rogue’s cabin is a great place to while away the miles, no matter the terrain. A special mention for the sound system because it’s one of the best you’ll find in a mid-size SUV, but due to supply shortages, Toyota is currently discounting the price by $750 if you buy your Rogue without it. take For me, this is a feature worth waiting for and $750 makes it a bargain.

The dash’s eight-inch screen houses in-seat nav and audio controls with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the Rogue also gets a 360° panoramic camera image.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 103


The gauge binnacle is a simple affair but still tells the driver everything he needs to know. A leather treatment at the top of the dash and a piano-black finish on the fascia add to the Rogue’s premium look.

The back seat in the Hilux is pretty standard fare for this size although the cabin doesn’t have the width of say a Ranger or Amarok but there is plenty of head and leg room.

Like all 4×4 Hiluxes, the Rogue has safety features such as ABS, ESC, ETC, AEB, trailer-sway control and radar cruise control, but its lane-departure system relies on brake intervention and proper steering correction. does not offer The Wide Track Rogue is the first Hilux to add a blind spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert to its safety kit, bringing it close to the pack in this regard.


As a top-equipped Hilux, the Rogue loses its payload which drops to 794kg, GVM stays at 3050kg with a 3500kg towing rating and 5850kg Gross Combined Mass (GCM).

The step up to 18-inch alloy wheels means the Rogue now rides on 265/60R18 tires, which are becoming a common size for utes, so all-terrain and rugged LT options are available. Toyota has seen fit to leave the highway tires on the Rogue and leave it up to owners to choose better tires based on their vehicle’s usage.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 102


The cargo tray is lined on the carpet held in place by Velcro so it’s easy to remove if you need to carry something you don’t want to damage the carpet. You may joke, but carpet provides a nice cushion for things you don’t want to pull or damage.

We noticed that the Rogue only has tie downs on the back end and not the front of her tub. There is also a 12V power outlet at the rear of the tub for electrical accessories.

The seal kit around the Hilux’s tailgate does a great job. We spent a day on dusty tracks in the high country and were impressed to find no dust in the rear.

A power roller shutter is great for keeping your belongings safe in the tub and is easy to use, but it eats up space in the front of the tub if you want to keep larger items in there.

The Hilux’s engine bay has space for a second battery and the air intake is well placed where it draws from the inner ‘guard’.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 134


As one of the world’s most popular vehicles, the Hilux is well supported by aftermarket accessory manufacturers and Toyota offers a large range of factory kit for the ute, including steel and alloy bullbars.

It remains to be seen if the larger wheel arch flares needed to cover the tires and the revised front panels on the Wide Track Rogue affect how some of the bullbars meet their front or intake snorkels on the fenders. will


Kudos to Toyota for going ahead and building this wide track chassis for the Hilux. It has improved the dynamics of the Hilux chassis making it a better, more stable performer on twisty roads and mountain tracks and the extra ground clearance will never go astray for anyone who ventures off-road.

We think this high-spec rug is the perfect way to introduce it and appreciate the fact that it comes at no extra cost.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 95


We like to think that this is just an indication of when the GR Sport variant of the Hilux will be introduced in 2023 and hopefully this model will come with spring and damper settings to make the Hilux more responsive on all road conditions. can be controlled.

Twelve months ago we might have said that the Rogue handles rough terrain as well or better than any mid-size SUV on the market, but the Ranger handles the same potholed roads without fuss or distraction. runs, indicating that the market has moved forward. Onward and now it’s time for the Hilux to move on too.

2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue Specs

Price $70,200 +ORC
engine I4 diesel
Ability 2755cc
Maximum power 150kW at 3400rpm
Max torque 500Nm from 1600 to 2400rpm
Transfer 6-speed automatic
4×4 system Part time, dual range. ETC and RDL
Crawl ratio 36.11:1
Construction 4 door body on ladder frame chassis
Front suspension. IFS w/ dual control arms and coil springs
Rear suspension Live axles ride on leaf springs
Tires / Wheels 265/60R18/ Alloy
The weight 2256 kg (kg)
GVM 3050 kg
GCM 5850 kg
Tensile capacity 3500 kg
Payload 794 kg
Seats 5
Fuel tanks 80L
ADR fuel claim 8.1L/100km
Test on fuel consumption 11.9L/100km
Angle of view 31°
Ramp over angle N/A
Angle of departure 23°
Ground clearance 265 mm
Wading depth 700 mm

Things we like.

  • Excellent braking performance
  • Simple controls and functionality
  • Improved road dynamics

Not so much

  • It’s showing its age compared to newer utes.
  • Performance on rough terrain
  • Safety tech is lacking behind the class leaders.

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