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2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato: One-off special unveiled – Dubai Car News

The 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato has been revealed as a one-off exclusive.


  • 2023 Alfa Romeo SWB Zagato Revealed
  • The one-off special features a bespoke two-door body and a short wheelbase
  • Created to celebrate 100 years of collaboration between the two brands.

It follows celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the collaboration between Milan-based coachbuilder Zagato and Alfa Romeo, whose first model was the 1921 Tipo G1.

The custom vehicle debuted as the Giulia Quadrifoglio sedan, with customizations including a short wheelbase, a bespoke two-door carbon fiber body, tonal headlights, and a GTAm-derived twin-turbo V6 with a six-speed manual transmission.

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Up front, the Giulia SWB Zagato combines new and old design elements Alfa Romeo SZ (1989-91). These include three-point LED headlights taken from the recently launched Tonale small SUV, a carbon fiber splitter, and prominent air intakes on the bonnet.

Along with that, there’s a triangular Quadrifoglio badge, Zagato emblem, hidden door handles, and 5-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels sourced from the GTAm.

The rear design, meanwhile, is said to be inspired by the 1963-67 Giulia TZ, while the GTAm’s large rear spoiler has been removed for a sleeker look.

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Under the bonnet, a twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 develops. 398kW and 600Nm However, the six-speed manual available on the Quadrifoglio in European markets has been retained – according to GTAm.

Inside, the car retains the Giulia’s styling with a few unique elements: green accents, carbon fiber door cards, a two-seat configuration, and carbon fiber front bucket seats with a ‘Z’ emblem on the headrests.

While Aston Martin’s design team supported the project, the one-off Giulia SWB was designed and developed by Zagato “without outside help”.

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato Special 07


Its design was led by Alejandro Masonero, head of Alfa Romeo’s design centre, who said: “The result is a car that fits perfectly into the historical trajectory of the two marques, where the first was the goal and to combine beauty with performance. “

“The philosophy of this new 2023 SZ harkens back to the 1960s, with a body of simplicity, aerodynamics and lightness,” he added.

“The new SZ presents a dynamic, simple body, with long lines running from front to back that at the same time create ‘a strong yet discreet muscularity’.”

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato Special 010


“We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation we have had with Centrostyle Alfa Romeo throughout this period, the teamwork has been excellent, also with the marketing and communications department. It has been an exciting experience that has confirmed That’s how Alfa Romeo and Zagato come together. An absolute collector’s classic,” said Zagato CEO, Zed Milano.

the only 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato Destined for a German customer, Zagato was chosen from a number of customers due to its limited range of Alfa Romeos, including the 8C Competizione.

Although the coachmaker has not revealed the final price, it is likely to be quite expensive due to the extensive modifications including its two-door carbon fiber body.

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