Bajaj Qute Quadricycle Featured

2023 Bajaj Qute will be opened for private buyers. – Dubai Car News

Bajaj Qute, the country’s first quadricycle will now be available for private buyers as well. The rear-engined vehicle was only open for commercial purposes until now. But as per the latest 2023 NCAT type approval, the Bajaj Qute can also be purchased and registered under the private/non-transport category.

Bajaj had originally planned to launch the Qute for private buyers in 2018. However, this did not happen at the time of introduction. But now, the brand has finally got the nod for the Qute variant in the private/non-transport category.

2023 Bajaj Qute will be opened for private buyers

2023 Bajaj Qute: Changes

In the 2023 iteration, Bajaj seems to have modified the Qute in terms of basic features like conventional rolling windows and air circulation unit etc.

Power is now up from 10.8 hp to 12.8 horsepower which should result in faster acceleration. Although, since it is still a quadricycle, its top speed is expected to be limited to 70 kmph. Along with the increase in strength, the weight has increased by 17 kg.

2023 Bajaj Qute: Engines and Specifications

The Qute is powered by a lightweight 216 cc, 4-valve, water-cooled DTSi engine with a closed-loop fuel injection system that delivers a high fuel efficiency figure of 35 kmpl in petrol. The engine will produce 13 HP at 5500 rpm and 18.9 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, mated to a 5-speed sequential gearbox. The petrol variant has an 8-litre fuel tank.

The CNG variant’s engine produces 10.83 HP at 5500 rpm and 16.1 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, mated to a 5-speed sequential gearbox. The CNG variant gets a 35 liter CNG cylinder. But we don’t expect the CNG version to be offered to private owners.

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About Qute

A short turning radius of 3.5m makes the quadricycle easy to maneuver in city traffic. The small size of this quadricycle will be quite useful for parking in tight spaces. The Qute also provides weather protection from sun and rain as it is fully covered and has windows.

Its 12-inch alloy wheels provide better road grip, while the high-strength monocoque body makes the vehicle safer. Despite being small, the Qute has plenty of storage space like a front boot and dual glove boxes.

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