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2023 Ford Bronco Black Diamond Review – Dubai Car News

Within 10km of driving the 2022 Ford Bronco, I had to ask: “Why the hell isn’t Ford bringing them to Australia?”

Let’s be honest, Ford can’t go wrong with any 4×4 riding on the T6 platform at the moment and the Bronco will complement the Ranger and Everest models in Australia as a better off-road and lifestyle alternative.

I must admit I was a little disappointed when the kind lady at the counter at LAX handed me the keys to the big red Bronco Black Diamond because I was expecting a Bronco Raptor for this drive. While the Raptor is the off-road hero of the Bronco model range with its 37-inch tires, lockers and 3.0-liter V6 engine, the Black Diamond version was much shorter and slimmer than the Raptor, which would have been a tighter fit. Hotel car park.

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The Bronco’s plan was to take a road trip to the SEMA show in Las Vegas and the Raptor would be every car junkie’s dream or not, the Bronco would do it. So after three days of sightseeing around LA, en route to Malibu, I jumped in the car and headed east.

It takes about five hours on the highway from LA to Vegas, with a few stops I was able to see some sights, as well as check out some very cool and interesting vehicles that were headed in the same direction.

Being a soft top, the Bronco had some road and wind noise, but that’s really unavoidable when there’s not a sheet of metal separating you and the sky.

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The Bronco comes with a hardtop option, but this particular model not only has a fully removable roof, but you can also open the doors completely and the process is very simple. If you check the Bronco section of the Ford website, there are no less than seven different options for soft and hard top variants. No one is going home unhappy with their choice!

It’s no secret that Ford has targeted the Jeep market with the Bronco so its features have many similarities to the Jeep Wrangler.

Jump ahead.

Power train

While the Black Diamond lacks the Bronco Raptor’s 3.0L V6, it does come with the option of a more capable 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 with twin turbos.

As standard, they come with a 2.3L EcoBoost inline 4-cylinder that makes around 220kW and 440Nm of torque on premium fuel, but if you chip in an extra USD $1895, you get a V6 that makes an extra 22kW. Yes, it should not be mentioned. 122Nm

The sad news for manual gearbox lovers is that the 7-speed manual transmission is only available with the 4-cylinder engine.

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Once you step up to the V6, the only gearbox option is a 10-speed auto, but to be honest, shifting gears manually in a car with so many cup holders and buttons to press Adds driving effort to what is already there. Very easy to drive.

There is an option to go full time or part time 4×4, but the car I had was part time. The Black Diamond comes with a 4.46:1 ratio locking diff, but for an extra USD $5290, you can go to 4.7:1, but that means you have to give up the full-time 4×4 option.

To be honest it felt great and I highly doubt unless you were planning to go full SEMA spec with a set of 40 inch crawlers that you would need to replace it.

On the road

Overall, I was impressed with the power and the way it drives. One of the big selling points with the Bronco is the seven GOAT modes, which stands for ‘Goes Over Any Terrain’.

The GOAT modes range from Normal and Eco, which are perfect for when you just want to cruise and chill out (Eco for when the next gas station is a bit far), to straight-up rock crawl, when Have gas nearby. station, but you have to get that dreaded Valley Pass to get there.

All modes are customizable to your own style, but the whole system is intuitive and does a great job of taking the thinking out of it. Note, though, that unlike some other models, namely the Raptor, the Bronco misses out on Baja mode, yet it’s very similar to Sand mode.

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Off road

I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t give myself enough time to properly experience the Black Diamond off-road.

Having said that, on the handful of occasions I got it in Rock Crawl mode, it seemed quite easy to drive and more than capable.

Plus, given the fact that almost every other booth in SEMA’s 4×4 hall had a variant of the heavily modified Bronco, there’s no doubt that the aftermarket parts are already available, that you’ll find on Monday. A car can be picked up and ready to compete in the King of the Hammers by Friday afternoon. With or without carbon panels!

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I think it would be hard to find a late model Ford with a badass interior and given that the Black Diamond is so focused on off-roading, it’s ready for action with some great features.

The first thing you notice are those awesome Bronco grab handles that are a big help off the road, not to mention getting in and out once you’ve got the suspension lift and big tires on. The dash itself is a more modest eight-inch touchscreen than some other model Fords like our Ranger and Everest, but it has everything you need.

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Without going into too much detail about the electronic bells and whistles as well as the safety features and carplay options, it’s important to note that Ford intended this car to target people who love adventure. And those who don’t. Afraid to get a little muddy here and there.

Inside, there’s a rubber floor and removable drain plugs, so you can easily wash away your sins after a big weekend. Then, for those who like to carry rechargeable gadgets and tools, there are 12V charging points and USB ports at the front and rear of the car, including 12V points in the cargo area.

Right at the back when you open the swing outdoor, there is also a very clever retractable shelf that will be useful for all kinds of activities and can handle 120 kg of weight.


When Toyota released the FJ Cruiser, I was lucky enough to be on a magazine shoot where it was put through its paces against the old BJ40.

Toyota’s attempt to make some retro version of the old 40’s was certainly a good effort, but I think Ford did it better than Toyota, albeit a few years down the track. You have to admit they’ve had a lot of practice with designing retro-looking Mustangs.

In terms of features, aside from the large and unforgettable BRONCO lettering on the black molded grille, the factory-equipped daytime running lights and LED fog lamps are a nice touch, not to mention the black exterior handles and other non-chrome features.

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Black Diamond buyers get a number of other great features to suit their adventurous style.

Underneath that, there are bash plates at the front, but then the rear, protecting most of the important components, plus a set of things that are surprisingly tough as they look, stone rails that Protects the planks of Dhani.

At the front you can option a heavy-duty modular bumper that is tailored to your needs and can accommodate anything from lighting and a dealer-equipped winch. It also comes standard with two tow hooks at the front and one at the rear.

I’m still not sure if I love or hate the fact that it also comes standard with steel wheels. Basically, yes you won’t destroy them as much as the more expensive alloy wheels when you’re driving around in rocks, but they feel a bit cheap. They also come with much smaller 32-inch tires than the Raptor, which has a standard 37-inch tread, so there’s a big difference in ground clearance.


If I’m going to be honest, I’d still rather drive a Bronco Raptor. By all accounts it’s a complete weapon and with those big, wide guards and 37-inch tires, I’d look like a complete badass driving the streets of LA in it with my expensive sunglasses on.

Regardless, I really enjoyed driving the Black Diamond and it was much better than I expected, although my expectations were certainly not low.

Will I own one? I’d say yes, but I definitely think I’d like to fit it with bigger rubber and give it more authority, still as a get-in-and-drive car that you pick up groceries on Wednesday. Can, then hit. Weekend trails, it ticks all the boxes.

One little feature I really liked that doesn’t add to the driving experience in any way is the little touches inside and out where it says “Since 1966” (Jeep does the same but has more have bragging rights for a few years). Ford is obviously very proud or the heritage of the Bronco and I think they have done a great job of doing it justice.

Owned by Australia

For now, Ford Australia says it has no plans to bring the Bronco to Australia. Yes, few have seen an oddly mounted and LHD Broco on the streets of Victoria, but Ford Australia has done much of the Bronco’s engineering development here as the lead team on T6 platform vehicles.

ARB also has the LHD Bronco in Australia as an official factory-backed supplier of accessories for the Bronco in the US, just as it does here for the Ranger and Everest.

Ford’s official line is that the Bronco was designed purely as an LHD vehicle, even though it rides on the same chassis/platform as our Ranger and Everest. While Ford is going to replace and resume selling F-150 trucks here in Australia, there’s no reason it can’t do the Bronco as well, provided there’s enough demand.

Melbourne American car sales has said it will consider obtaining approval and selling the modified Broncos in Australia. It has already converted some models for right-hand drive markets at its Autogroup International facility, so watch this space for more details on its progress.

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2022 Ford Bronco Black Diamond Specs

Price USD$40,940 (starting price, 4-door)
engine 2.7L V6 EcoBoost
Maximum power 243 kW
Maximum torque 556Nm
Transfer 10 speed automatic
4×4 system Part time 4×4
Construction Four doors on the stair frame
Front suspension. Independent by wishbones and coil springs
Rear suspension Solid axle w/ coil springs
Tire 275/70R17
Heavy obstacle 2238 kg
Seats 5
Fuel tanks 79L


Safety, Value and Features

Things we like.

  • Great style and shape
  • Perfect for daily duty and weekend adventures
  • Loaded with options and plenty of power.

Not so much

  • Not sure about steel rims yet, but there are two options to upgrade to alloy wheels.
  • No bonnet gas struts.
  • Could do with more ground clearance.

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