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2023 G87 BMW M2 Raven Designed by Designer – Dubai Car News

TThat F87 BMW M2 still looks good today, with its brutal fender flares, air intakes and wide stance giving it immense road presence.

But with the new BMW M2 – due to land from $119,900 before on-road costs in 2023 – punters aren’t so convinced.

After seeing it in the flesh, publishing director Mike Stevens told us the new M2 isn’t as bad as it looks in photos… but it could be better.

BMW M 2 David Schneider Sketch 2022 3


And that’s exactly what Raven Automotive Designer is all about. David Schneider what

Schneider shared these concept sketches on his Instagram. To emphasize the width of BMW’s baby M car, it has flared out the grilles making them wider and narrower. The headlights have also been given a similar treatment.

Attention has also been paid to the front bumper’s lower air dams, with Schneider retaining the squared-off outer profile of the new car’s bumper, but blending it more naturally into the central intake with flowing bends rather than right angles. Is.

Longtime BMW fans may have noticed that the G87 M2’s character line is much less pronounced than the previous F87, giving the profile less defined muscle. The same is true of the G82 M4.

To restore the surface tension of the previous M2, Schneider has applied BMW’s signature character line that arcs smoothly from the head to the taillights, and really emphasizes the flared fenders.

Schneider hasn’t tackled the M2’s rear end – it’s the most awkward angle – but the concept sketch proves there’s room for the current M2 to grow.

2023 BMW M2 Hero


Look at the M2’s character line against the new one

Bmw M2 pure


Intentions and completeness aside, we’ll never forget the F87 M2.

over it Schneider.sketch Instagram profile David hasn’t kept it completely Raven despite working at an EV startup for nine years. Instead, he plays with a whole host of current vehicles, including the Subaru BRZ, BMW 3 Series Touring and more.

what do you think Is the new M2 growing on you, or do you prefer Schneider’s specs? Let us know in the comments.

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