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The anticipated Lexus BX, a compact SUV that will reportedly share much of its packaging with the popular Toyota Yaris Cross, is still expected to make its global debut sometime in 2023.

Lexus has yet to confirm the new model beyond a teaser image released earlier this year, and indeed the ‘BX’ name hasn’t been confirmed – but the company is known to launch the ‘LBX’ in 2020. is trademarked.

As the first teaser image revealed, we can expect the new model to carry over much of Lexus’ current styling language, fitting in with models like the new-gen NX, larger RX and new electric RZ. Designed to be.

2023 Lexus Compact SUV Teaser 2023 Lexus BX Teaser


Based on this preview, we tasked our man Theo Throttle with envisioning the final production form of the ‘BX’.

Most of the details in Theo’s rendering are true to the teaser image, though we have to speculate on details like the lower front bumper and overall rear styling – using current Lexus models as a guide, of course.

It’s clear that we can expect Lexus to continue experimenting and developing its famous ‘spindle’ grille, with this teaser showing what would have been a more restrained and less prominent look on the idea. is – barely a spindle, in fact, with the upper trim now separated from the main grille at the bottom of the front bumper.

2023 Lexus BX Rendering Theotel 02


For the rear, Theo looks to current Lexus models, with the same hooked taillamps at the corners of the rear bumper, long light bars and thin brake cooling ducts. Although an educated guess, it looks like BX will stick to these cues.

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Bin Zakaria

May 4, 2022: The launch schedule looks good.

gave 2023 Lexus BX The new model is reportedly on schedule for release next year despite industry supply chain issues and delays.

Lexus is said to be preparing the BX for a 2023 launch as the successor to the CT200h, which will cease production in October, according to the Japanese publication. Magazine X.

The report suggests that the BBBX could also be the first Lexus to debut a new front-end look for the brand, ditching the oversized grille, which has been the brand’s trademark in recent years, and A neat ‘booty’ is taking shape with it. A full width LED light.

Given that the CT200h is set to end production soon, it’s possible that we could see the 2023 Lexus BX make its debut in the third or fourth quarter of 2022 before launching next year.

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November 19, 2021: Looks like the Lexus BX is on the way.

gave 2023 Lexus BX 2012 may be closer to reality despite whispers.

Recent reports of a baby SUV from Lexus suggested the brand wanted to create a premium version of the Toyota Yaris Cross, but a new rumor out of Japan suggests it will be more closely related to another smaller model.

The best car is reporting the new vehicle – designed to sit below the UX small SUV in the Lexus range – will in fact be based on the recently revealed Toyota Aygo X.

Archive Wheels 2015 03 04 32531 WEB 2 LFSA


While both the Aygo X and Yaris Cross share the same TNGA-B platform, the Aygo X was developed specifically for Europe – allowing Lexus to borrow much of the vehicle’s interior and exterior design. was allowed, without heavily revising the car for overseas markets. Europe

A smaller number of changes will help keep development costs down, while still positioning it as a premium alternative to the Yaris Cross.

But instead of using the Aygo’s 1.0-litre non-turbo three-cylinder petrol engine offered in Europe, The best car It says Lexus will instead adopt the hybrid 1.5-liter non-turbo three-cylinder powertrain from the Yaris Cross Hybrid, which uses the help of a 59 kW electric motor.

Archive Wheels 2015 03 04 32530 LEAD 1422


It is expected that the small SUV may take its design cues from the 2015 Lexus LF-SA concept, which interestingly shares the same basic silhouette with the Aygo X Prologue – a concept vehicle that preceded the production version. Shares

However, given the very small size of the Aygo X, which measures 240mm shorter than the Yaris hatch, it’s possible that Lexus will be limited to the Japanese market. The country has a long history of micro-city cars, and promoting a premium vehicle will be an easier task than in other countries where luxury is more closely associated with size.

Whether or not Lexus chooses to launch a luxury mini SUV in Europe or Australia won’t be known until the model is unveiled, rumored for the second half of 2022.

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