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2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Performance Review – Dubai Car News

Overall track performance

Every evolution of Porsche 911 Keep pushing the boundaries of what you think you’re capable of.

This time it’s the incredible level of traction they’ve coaxed out of the twin-turbo-boosted, rear-wheel-drive weapon that’s so impressive, and it really makes me question the need for an all-wheel-drive version.

gave Porsche 911 Carrera GTS It’s always been considered a sweet spot in the range and continues to excel at striking a balance between everyday drivability and straight-up fun.

It was actually a tough day for the 911 GTS, as I was bouncing between it and the racier 911 GT3… But It was not a difficult day for me…

On the same day, the Porsche 911 GT3 jumped straight. Care Expert leaderboard, which likely overshadowed the GTS’ potential. With that being said, it was hard to keep the smile off your face as you squeezed the throttle and it fired from every corner.

Yes, it’s not an all-out race model, nor is it intended to be, but it has to be one of the fastest-driving Porsches I’ve ever been in, and the lap times it achieves and the The way it was done, was very impressive!


Power delivery was impressively smooth and linear, delivering exactly what I was asking for with a tap to impress most people.

353 kW And 570Nm Those aren’t crazy numbers these days, but it certainly delivers on every one of the kilowatts and Newton meters it’s quoting.

What was strangest to me was how close the 911 GTS and 911 GT3 were in terms of 0-100 km/h times, with basically nothing separating them. The 911 GTS managed the best time. 3.42 secondsupping the GT3 by 0.02 seconds and both bang well over what Porsche claims they should.

It’s hard to go wrong with such a drivable engine on the track, with everything feeling so smooth and connected. It works from 2000rpm to the 7400rpm limiter, with an overlap of torque and power that would be the envy of any engine builder.


I was really impressed with the braking with the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, it was extremely consistent and gave me confidence from the first application.

In the 0-100km/h braking test it actually outperformed the 911 GT3, which didn’t like stopping very slowly, especially without tire temperature.

Initially this made braking even easier than the GT3 and a much more user-friendly package for everyday use.

The chassis

It was truly insane how much traction Porsche managed to get out of this car and how it maintained body control without sacrificing traction at the same time – a task that is easier said than done.

It’s one of the smoothest Porsches I’ve ever driven.

Because it was so hard to force the rear to break traction, you’d expect it to really bite when it did, but it didn’t.

I felt very in control when it came out and it slipped a bit, and I could handle it easily.

Transmission and differentiation

Gearshifts with the PDK dual-clutch transmission were excellent – ​​super responsive, and the gear ratios were well spaced.

The engine’s flexibility will certainly help mask any issues here, but we know by Porsche engineering standards that a lot of thought has gone into it.

The back gap should be a work of art! It was working so impressively that it was not even noticed. It’s subtle, smooth and does what it needs to.

It’s packed with rear suspension and geometry, making it one of the best rear-wheel drive experiences I’ve had. Not once did I feel like there was a need to add a front and center gap, it just felt the way it was.


The suspension is surprisingly comfortable and compliant when you hit any bumps or curbs, and I could use more track with the Porsche 911 GTS than with the GT3.

Impressively it managed to achieve this compliance without giving up too much body control, and the rear end was particularly well supported which meant you could really lean on it in high-speed corners. Fall without planting and this energy will send you sideways.

There was still some softness in the front of the car, especially compared to the GT3, but they can get away with it because the rear is so connected.

When the tires warmed up a bit, I had a little bit of understeer, but then I could easily induce some oversteer to get the car spinning mid-corner.


Steering was great; Very precise without uncomfortable reactions.

I could really feel where I was with the tire and how much I could push it in a way that made me more sensitive to the tire dropping.

With this level of feedback and control, I could really take the car to the edge of the track with confidence and ease.

Wheels and tires

Adding the 911 GT3 to the 911 GTS with its Michelin Cup 2 Pirelli P Zero tires is quite a change and not a fair comparison.

But with Pirellis on the track the drop off was very noticeable and I couldn’t do two fast laps in a row without falling off the pace.

Plenty of power was being managed through the 305/30 R21 rear tires and was plenty for flat-out track work.

The balance between front and rear tires was excellent, with the smaller 245/35 R20 front tires essentially complementing the larger rear rubber.

Driver Aids (Electronics)

I ran the fastest laps in Sport mode with traction control off and stability control.

The only problem I noticed was that when the tires got hot, they started to interfere a bit more.

The drive mode was Sport Plus, the spoiler was raised, and the suspension was also in Sport.

Cockpit (Ergonomics)

The seating position was really good, I could go nice and low and at a nice angle.

The GTS seats were still very capable for track work, but lacked the lateral support of the GT3’s race seats. But, they won for comfort and adjustment.

The steering wheel was similarly excellent, with an Alcantara finish ensuring you had a good grip. Having a drive mode selector on the wheel is great, although once on the track it’s pretty much set and forget.

Overall, the dash layout is simple but very effective and I liked the centrally located RPM gauge, but on the track, I would have liked a bigger gear number.

Lap time

Unsurprisingly, the Porsche 911 GTS is near the top of the slot. Care Expert The leaderboard and in fact the Michelin Cup 2 has become the fastest car not on tyres, with some tires on the back!

One of the easiest, most balanced and drivable performance cars on the market, its 55.48 seconds The Leap puts it just behind the Porsche 911 GT variants, with a much more compact and user-friendly package.

As much as I loved the GT3 on the track, it’s hard to see the Porsche 911 GTS as one of the best options in the Porsche range.

3 of Atko

  1. As progressive as it is, it can still cut through the motions.
  2. The exit must be nailed and you must nail it from the middle corner.
  3. If you’re going to track this car, it deserves a tire upgrade.

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