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2023 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Prices Drop Between $1600-3400 – Dubai Car News

Tesla’s public website has been updated with lower prices across the brand’s range in Australia.


  • All Tesla prices in Australia down
  • Some models more than others
  • Base Model Y, Model 3 back to June 2022 pricing

The reduction brings the price of Tesla’s rear-drive base models of the Model 3 and Model Y back to where they were on June 10, 2022, before the June 17 price increase.

However, the Model 3 Long Range AWD is notably more affordable than before, now at $76,900 (down $3100) before on-road costs.

This comes as a slight shock to most companies in the space, including recently Volkswagen, Toyota, Mitsubishi and more, as shipping costs and inflation-adjusted prices hit.

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Instead, the cheapest Tesla you can get – a standard range Model 3 rear drive – Returns from $65,500 to $63,900.according to the brand’s website.

Several option prices are also lower, with Tricoat Red paint now $500 cheaper at $2400, 19-inch alloy sport wheels on Model 3 $1800 (previously $2200) and Model Y 20-inch induction wheels $2400.

In a twist, Tesla’s order fee has increased by $50 (now $400), while the delivery charge has increased from $25 to $1,400.

All other authorizations for the Model 3 and Model Y are also dropped – see the table below for details.

Australian Tesla pricing for January 2023

Prices listed are before on-road costs.

Model New price Difference
Model 3 RWD $63,900 $1600 down
Model 3 LR AWD $76,900 $3100 down
Model 3 performance $89,900* $1700 down
Model New price Difference
Model Y RWD $68,900 $3400 down
Model Y performance $98,435* $1800 down

*Luxury car tax is included.

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Why did Tesla prices drop?

There are various reasons on the table. Maybe shipping costs have normalized, or with more volume coming in, cars may be more affordable to build and ship, and Tesla is passing on the savings to customers.

Regardless, there are no obvious changes to the specifications of any Tesla model.

But this is likely a response to Tesla’s declining sales in China – where the Model 3 and Model Y are made for Australia – which have seen the brand’s prices drop by as much as 13 per cent.

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In the case of the Model 3 Long Range AWD (which, unlike the base model, is cheaper than June 2022), it is now priced within the range of stamp duty exemptions in NSW and interest-free loans in the ACT.

Similarly, if you’re looking at a rear-drive Model 3 it may be easier to access each state and territory’s individual cash rebate.

which car Tesla has been contacted for comment, and any additional information will be added in the future.

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