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2023 Toyota GR Prius Concept – Dubai Car News

TIt recently revealed that the 2023 Toyota Prius marks the fifth generation of Toyota’s original plug-in flagship.

While there are no plans for an Australian arrival yet, the stylish new Prius will debut in North American, European and Japanese markets with a variety of powertrain configurations – including both conventional and plug-in hybrid systems.

The most powerful layout is the newly developed 2.0-litre engine, which includes a 13.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack and several electric motors, powering all four wheels with a combined 164kW output.

A claimed 0-100km/h time of 6.7 seconds makes it the fastest Prius yet, and just a precious few tenths off Toyota’s current combustion sports offering, the GR86.

2023 Toyota Gr Prius Rendering Theottle Whoccar Australia 01


This got us thinking, what would a proper GR-engineered Toyota Prius look like?

These images created by digital artists Theotlshed light on exactly what we hope for.

The pumped-up Prius looks like a love child between the upcoming Toyota GR Corolla and the sleek new Prius. Once we start digging under the skin – is it really so much a part of the imagination?

The 2023 Toyota Prius is powered by Toyota’s TNGA-C platform, the exact same platform that underpins the new GR Corolla.

This suggests that Toyota’s bombastic 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder could potentially be set in the Prius’ engine bay without further development, exemplified by the GR’s signature triple exhaust system and behind the front grille. Visible from is the cheeky intercooler.

2023 Toyota Gr Prius Rendering Theottle Whocar Australia 02


If Toyota augmented this flexible little unit with hybrid assistance, possibly acting as a low-torque fill-in, the performance-oriented Prius could be a surprisingly quick thing.

Considering Price’s taught chassis, better battery location and weight distribution, and a versatile MacPherson front/double wishbone rear suspension setup – Toyota’s traditional hypermiler has more of a sports car than you might initially think. can think

Sadly, Toyota Australia currently has “no plans to introduce the new Prius to the Australian market”, and has yet to officially comment on whether there are more in the development pipeline. GR products are available.

We can never tell, though, and Toyota Japan’s growing catalog of GR Sport part upgrades, including chassis braking and suspension tuning parts, suggests the Prius for the Japanese market has some appetite for a more dynamic hybrid product. .

What would you think of the Prius based on the Toyota GR? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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