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2024 BMW M3 CS, Audi Activesphere and Porsche Vision 357 Concepts: RAC #108 – Dubai Car News

Who wants to hear about the Audi ActiveSphere concept that’s both a swoopy coupe crossover and a pickup truck? How about a Porsche 357 concept that isn’t a 356 but a 911? Maybe you want to hear about the new BMW M3 CS with 543 horsepower, or a possible preview of new trucks from Toyota and Ram?

Or, if you are Rambling about cars Co-host Chris Bruce, you’ll want to hear just about anything. Yes folks, after 108 episodes we ran into an interesting equipment failure mid-recording that required some reboots on our end. In typical RAC style, Bruce and Smith roll with it like pros, which means a bit of cursing and nifty jump cuts in the second half of the podcast.

Fun fact – we were discussing the merits of a 1980s Jaguar XJS as a first car for a young driver just before the accident happened. agreement?

You’ll want to stick around for that golden moment of refinement, but hopefully, you’re just getting started with our take on the 2024 BMW M3 CS. Forget about the looks, it’s been nailed to death. With AWD RWD, carbon fiber galore, and the ability to switch to M4 CSL power, this is truly a super sedan that embraces internal combustion efficiency. But is the M3 still the standard by which all other sports sedans are measured?

2024 BMW M3 CS
Audi Activesphere Concept (2023)

From production to concept, Audi wows us with the attractive Activesphere concept that looks like a coupe crossover – until the rear hatch folds away to create a small, fully open pickup bed. We then had a heart-to-heart on the Porsche Vision 357 concept, an homage to the classic 356 in honor of Porsche’s 75th anniversary. Chris and Chris struggle to see any of the 356 in its rounded form, but if it were called 719 Cayman, maybe that makes more sense.

Porsche Vision 357 Concept

That’s when communication breaks down, just like we’re going through. The Rambler Emails and yes, we were actually talking about the infamous Jaguar XJS before it happened. After a quick recuperation, we check out images from Brazil that appear ahead of a possible look at the upcoming Toyota Tacoma. We wrap up the show chatting about Fiat-based pickups available in various markets outside the US, spurred by recent spy photos that may show a new midsize Ram in development.

Rambler, consider these concepts. Should Porsche keep its Vision 357 away from the classic 356? Should Audi bring any of the Activesphere’s cool features to production? Is BMW still the sports sedan standard? And most importantly, what’s a good first car for a young driver looking to have a little fun with a $20,000 budget? Let us know in the comments, our YouTube video on Motor1 Podcasts, or via email: podcast@motor1.com. Not to mention the Jaguar XJS. We cannot reset the server.

Rambling about the cars preview:

The past few years have been tough, and to cope, more than a few people have ventured into van life. If you’ve ever thought about ditching your home for permanent life on the road in an RV, next week’s podcast is an absolute must. We have a very special guest with deep roots. Motor1.com Who has been traveling for almost a year. And does he have some stories to tell.

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