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2024 Lotus Type 133 sedan introduced and spied in China – Dubai Car News

Update: Lotus Type 133 sedan spied in China

After revealing the Eletre SUV in March, Lotus is testing its next addition, Type 133 sedanin China.

Expected to wear Envia badges, the rival to the Porsche Tycoon and Audi Tron GT has been snapped by spy photographers, and it looks like Renders we have commissioned. Theotl are quite close to reality.

The Envya is a departure from the iconic Elise that relaunched Lotus in the late 90s, and even the Emira sports car. But that’s because, under Geely’s ownership, Lotus is trying to become more mainstream than ever.

2024 Lotus Envy Spy Photos 2


As for the spy car, the rendering seems to be very close to the front end of the mule. Its vast bulk and grill give Amyra a nod but, inexplicably, to a larger body.

Around the rear, though, the Envya mule appears to break out of the render and Eletre’s slim LED taillights with distinctly different lozenge-shaped outer brake lights. This detail could be a red herring, of course, to fit in with the camouflage and keep the brake lights visible.

Peeking through the open window, a polygonal steering wheel can be seen, similar in shape to the Emira but decidedly larger in diameter. Like the Eletre, the Envya’s cabin looks minimal without the traditional gauge cluster ahead of the steering wheel.

2024 Lotus Envy Spy Photos 4


Behind the unimaginative five-spoke alloy wheels are hidden oversized brakes. Envy is expected to ride on Lotus. Electric premium architecture (EPA).

The outputs are expected to be similar to the aerator, which means 675kW of power and 985Nm of torqueWith battery sizes up to 112kWh and a driving range of around 500 km in the WLTP combined cycle.

Lotus is expected to unveil the full Envy next year, with more details to be confirmed closer to its reveal.

Our original story, below, continues unchanged.

The story here

September 26: Lotus Type 133 sedan concept

Earlier this year, Lotus confirmed it would be the first to charge into the EV era, starting its all-electric program from 2023.

Our first look at the project was the ‘Type 132’ Lotus Elator SUV revealed in March, but we’ve yet to see any sign of the models that will follow – including the Type 133 sedan, the larger Type 134S. UV, and typ. 135 sports car.

Set to debut next year with Type 133, our friend and Photoshop wizard Theo Throttle Here’s a speculative look at how the new electric sedan could be styled.

2024 Lotus Type 133 Electric Sedan Rendering Theotel 02


In its production guise, the Type 133 will likely debut as a rival to the Porsche Taycan, focusing on its heritage of performance – and now luxury, as shown by the Eletre – the way most legacy brands do. has given preference to EVs after pivoting.

Unsurprisingly, Theo’s renders point to a sedan with Elator-inspired styling, and until we see the first set of design patent images or teasers, that’s as good as it gets.

What do you think of this Type 133 sedan, and what do you think it should be called? Maybe we’ll see the Carlton name resurrected in some ‘clever’ e-badge way…

Let us know in the comments below!

The story here

June 2022: Lotus will go all-electric from 2023.


  • All mainstream Lotus models will be electric from 2023.
  • Four-door sedans, SUVs and sports cars will be launched over the next five years.
  • The Emera could be its last combustion engine-powered vehicle.

British manufacturer Lotus has committed to producing electric vehicles as part of its ‘Driving Change’ campaign.

At the launch of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Charter, the Heathal-based manufacturer announced that its entire mainstream model range will be fully electric from 2023, starting with the launch of the EV revealed earlier this year. Will be from Eletre.

Codenamed Type 132 when it was in development, the Eletre SUV is Lotus’ first mass-market EV other than the Evija electric hypercar, the latter of which won’t be a common sight in your local supermarket carpark. The price is over $3 million when it launches later this year.

Lotus ESG Charter 2


Matt Windle, Managing Director of Lotus Cars

In addition to the aforementioned EV, Lotus plans to introduce three more electric models in the next five years – the Type 133 four-door sports sedan in 2023, the Type 134 SUV in 2025 and finally the Type 135, the next-generation lightweight. the game. The car in 2026.

Lotus believes this product mix will allow it to implement its Vision80 strategy, which aims to transform the former low-volume sports car maker into “a truly global performance car business before its 80th anniversary in 2028 and Brand” will change.

01 Lotus Eletre Yellow Studio F 34


Aiming to reach net zero through its commitment to becoming a SBTi (Science-Based Target Initiative) organisation, Matt Windle, managing director of Lotus Cars, says it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to be at the forefront of climate change.

“Our new ESG Charter formalizes many of the activities we’ve been doing for many years,” Windle said. “Lotus as a business has always been agile, efficient and influential in the automotive industry.

“Now, more than ever, as we rapidly transform to become a global leader in electric efficiency vehicles, we recognize our responsibility to do so in ways that our industry can do better on its environment. Lead in reducing impacts, benefiting society and the planet as a whole.”

Wheels News Avija 4 Wide


The Lotus model range of combustion-engined cars has recently been reduced to just the Emera, a mid-engined sports car that will be its final non-electric mainstream model before being replaced by the Type 135 from 2026.

While the Emira may be winding down its lifespan, Lotus last month began production of the sports car at its new Chapman production center, a facility that will eventually share its domestic EVs with its Chinese owners Geely’s Wuhan plant. It will be the house of production.

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