2024 Toyota Prius teaser

2024 Toyota Prius teased, will it come to Australia? – Dubai Car News

Update: The new Toyota Prius teaser is official.

Andy Hunt

Toyota has confirmed that its next-generation 2024 Prius will be revealed on November 16.Just two days before the start of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The announcement was accompanied by new teaser images, showing the appearance of LED running lights in the headlight cluster, as well as the hybrid’s sleek new look overall profile.

The new image shows little more than the initial silhouette provided, and reveals some sculpting around the headlights that differs slightly from the previous-generation Prius.

Additional lighting in the photo reveals more detail towards the rear of the car, with a high tail and shallow angled line on the C-pillar area reminiscent of the (dear?) outgoing model. This may indicate that the letterbox-style look out the rear window will be retained on the new model.

2023 Toyota Prius Hatch Teaser 1


From the front, the design looks wider than before – creating a lower profile, more like the current Corolla rather than the narrow shape of the previous Prius, although the creases in the bonnet are reserved for hybrids.

Toyota has historically prioritized drag reduction on its Prius models to maximize fuel efficiency, possibly – as some would suggest – at the expense of styling, but it looks like Aichi based maker is trying to refresh the more traditional hybrid. Still interesting look.

It remains to be seen whether the new styling will help the Prius escape all the labels it’s carried over the generations, but a Prius that doesn’t look like it was just styled through the wind tunnel is a welcome change. should be

Will the new Prius come to Australia?

Mike Stevens

Toyota, more than most brands, is notorious for ever commenting on future models and launch plans in the media – we’re left to speculate, for now at least, whether this new model will be presented here.

The ‘current’ fourth-generation Prius was retired in May, and the company offered no word at the time on whether it would consider a future version of the Prius.

If Toyota continues to use the Prius brand as a future-focused platform for alternative energies, perhaps the BZ4x SUV already in the Toyota lineup will move to a different all-electric power version – or maybe It’s more likely that the hydrogen FCEV-focused range could either join or replace the Mirai – it could still have a place as a flagship to further green the Toyota brand in Australia.

Archive What Car 2021 04 21 1 12 2021 Toyota Mirai 1513 Main 1


Of course, Toyota already offered a plug-in hybrid ‘Prime’ version of the Prius that never came to Australia – and even now, Lexus is the only brand in the group with PHEV technology – so Toyota is still on its broad range. Can choose to focus. Instead of spending more time and marketing on the Prius, the new hybrid range.

There is some hope, though. In 2021, before the current Price retires, Toyota Australia sales boss Sean Henley said. The wheels:

“Yes, we are rationalizing the Prius lineup…but there are no plans to drop it. [Prius] name plate.

“There’s a lot of history in the Prius for us. It was the beginning of the hybrid. [technology]and it’s turned out to be one of the biggest investments we’ve ever made, in my opinion. [our] Beyond Zero [range of pure electric vehicles]. The Prius started the journey for us.

“Obviously, we’re expanding our range now. [of hybrid vehicles]…The press will still play a role, but a different one ahead.



Prius Prime plug-in hybrid EV, not offered in Australia

You might think that sounds positive, but Henley is quick to confirm that none of the above represents a commitment to the next generation.

“We don’t really have a comment on when it might or might not happen for the next-generation Prius,” added Rod Ferguson, the company’s general manager of product planning and development.

“Just to reinforce that, globally, the Prius has a role. It will evolve. It will take on a different mission. But we haven’t had an announcement about when the Prius model will change. .

Okay fine.

2023 Toyota Prius Hatchback Teaser 2


The story here

November 11: Is this the new Prius?

The Toyota Prius left Australia in May of this year without an obvious replacement, but an image posted to Twitter by the Japanese automaker suggests a new vehicle may not be far off.

The photo in question (below) shows only a sharp C-shaped LED headlight with the script written on the body “Hybrid recombination

Another odd detail is the red reflector on the front right wheel. Side reflectors are not required in Japan, but have often taken the form in the United States, where ‘side markers’ are mandatory (and the Prius is popular).

Toyota hasn’t said if the vehicle in question is the new Prius, but the tip includes another photo showing the new silhouette. To us, the sleek sedan fastback looks similar to the old Prius.

Launched in 1997, the Prius was the first mass-market petrol-electric hybrid to make a real impact. 25 years later, can a new Prius challenge perceptions again?

It may seem like an odd choice in a world transitioning to BEVs, but hybrid vehicles are still in demand. The new car could also be based on the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid.

2024 Toyota Prius Teaser


Toyota has it. Created a landing page For the new car, it says “2022.11.16” underneath, suggesting that the new car will be revealed in Japan next Wednesday.

Whether this is indeed a new Prius, and whether it will come to Australia, remains to be seen.

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