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Update: The Volvo EX30 electric small SUV is envisioned in new renderings.

After a teaser towards the end of the Volvo EX90 reveal, we asked our render gurus Theotl To visualize what a production version might look like.

Taking cues from the EX90’s front end and lighting signature, the as-yet-unnamed (but expected to be called the EX30) SUV will sit below the current XC40 in terms of size.

2023 Volvo Ex 30 Electric SUV Rendering 03


While small German SUV rivals such as BMW’s X2 and Audi’s Q2 typically have sloping coupe-style roofs, the teaser makes it clear that Volvo’s next car will adopt a practical wagon-bodied rear end.

Our renders feature the pronounced C-shaped LED taillights that have become a feature of Volvo’s current range.

While the small SUV’s name has not been confirmed, we expect it to hit Australian soil in 2023 after a full unveiling.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of our EX30 render in the comments section!

2023 Volvo Ex 30 Electric SUV Rendering 04


The story here

November 10: Volvo EX30 teased ahead of EX90 unveiling

Volvo had a treat for fans who watched the full EX90 reveal, with a clip showing the three-row SUV. A yet-to-be-seen compact crossover, possibly the EX30.

The EX30 is in Volvo’s electric plan as a model that will follow the EX90 down the road. 100 percent electric lineup in Australia by 2026and globally by 2030.

As the camera zooms in and the EX90 falls into shadow, the video flickers and a second, smaller crossover appears, shrouded in darkness.

It’s hard to tell too many details, but the small LED taillights bear a distinct family resemblance to the EX90.

The SUV is noticeably smaller and lower-seated than the EX90, suggesting two rows of seating instead of the bigger Volvo’s three.

2024 Volvo EX 30 TEASED 4


An XC40 alternative?

The EX30 is unlikely to directly replace the CMA-platformed XC40 and C40, as the XC40 will still be a few years away from its mid-life update.

Instead, the EX30 could be a more compact SUV than the smaller XC40 – think sizes more comparable to the Audi Q2, Mercedes-Benz EQA and BMW X2 than the larger Q3, EQB or X1.

Underneath we expect the EX30 to ditch Volvo’s current compact CMA platform – shared with the Polestar 2 – and ride on the Geely-developed Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) underpinnings.

Companion publication Carscoops Spy photos were released earlier this year, initially thought to be the upcoming Polestar 4 small, coupe SUV, but now the silhouette of the spied vehicle looks like a late EX90 tease. .

2024 Volvo EX 30 Teased 3


Eventually, the two cars disappear into the darkness and the screen reads the simple ‘2023’, indicating that the teased EX30 is likely to arrive next year. Stay tuned for more information.

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