A license to drive not a thrill Dubai Car

A license to drive, not a thrill. – Dubai Car News

Hey! Are you hitting the Mumbai-Pune Expressway? Beware! Stay within your limits.

At 1St December 2022, the state transport department will start 24*7 drive with a week-long awareness campaign, followed by action against traffic violators. The campaign will be run on Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Old Highway.

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The drive will begin from December 1, and 30 employees will be deployed from regional transport offices in Mumbai, Panvel, Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. Twelve squads will be formed for this purpose.

Six squads with 15 officers each with interceptor vehicles will be deployed on the expressway and old highway. This campaign has received a lot of support from NGOs and various organizations working for road safety and MRSDC.

They will conduct an awareness campaign for the first seven days with public announcements at toll booths and other major locations along highways and expressways starting December 1 to encourage citizens to follow traffic safety rules.

A license to drive not a thrill Dubai Car


“Efforts will be to eliminate black spots, study and mark accident prone areas, take action against wrong side driving, illegal parking on highways, riders without helmets and seat belts. Action will be taken against passengers who buckle up. Misuse of lanes by heavy vehicles and lane cutting,” said Maharashtra Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimnawar. “About 80 per cent of accidents are due to violation of traffic rules and negligence. . The all-out drive is not just to create awareness but also to enforce a sense of discipline among highway users.

According to the data, there were 88 deaths out of 200 road accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in 2021, while 168 accidents took place between January and October 2022, killing 68 people.

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Road safety is a very important issue, and especially so in Maharashtra, where speeding and not obeying the rules can easily lead to accidents. It is hoped that this will create more awareness about road safety and people will drive more responsibly, especially during the rains, when driving on this highway is a bit difficult, and it is very easy to get into an accident. May be.

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