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Adam Liberace’s delivery of the SMOTY winning EH Holden sedan – Dubai Car News

I I remember the first time I saw Adam Liberace’s 1964 EH Holden. As I picked up the August 2003 issue Street Machine, I’m pretty sure I said to myself: “Self, this is definitely the next SMOTY.” And I was right! At that time I had not started working for the mag. I was just a regular punter who was absolutely amazed that someone in Australia had built an Australian car that looked for all the world like it came out of an American shop.

As published. Street Machine Legends, Volume II

Street Machine Features LeBrace Holden Eh Front Angle Crop


In the story, Adam admits he was heavily influenced by Troy Trepanier’s styling, with the car’s smooth and sculpted bumpers, ultra-low stance and massive (for the time) 17- and 18-inch wheels. It’s easy to see.

Converting the four-door wagon to a two-door sedan delivery was a stroke of genius, and Adam fixed the proportions by lengthening the other two doors just the right amount.

Characteristics of the Street Machine Problem of the Street Machine


For a guy like me who just got back into reading. Sm After years of absorbing everything I could find in the American rod and custom scene, the EH really resonated. His smooth body,

Buick-inspired airbrushed side trim and large-diameter torque thrusters set it apart from everything else on the local scene.

Street Machine Features LeBrace Holden Eh Wagonside


The most amazing part of the whole story was that Adam had a background in earth moving and built the house himself, except for some work on the interior with the help of colleagues.

The car had such an impact that Adam ended up making a career out of it and created another SMOTY-winning masterpiece in the form of the XC Falcon coupe – but more on that later.

Street Machine Features LeBrace Holden Eh Wagon Engine Bay


EH was pushed to the back of the workshop when Adam got busy building cars for other people, but the good news is that he’s been giving the car a bit of a refresh, and the benefit of almost 20 years of experience. While picking up its belt, the finish and level of detail will be even better than before.

Street Machine Features Le Brese Holden Eh Wagon Interior



engine: 308ci Holden
include: 780 VAC-SEC
Gearbox: Powerglide
Difference: BorgWarner

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