Nissan X TRAIL First Generation

Al Masoud celebrates 20 years of Nissan X-Trail. – Dubai Car News

Abu Dhabi, 28 December 2022: Al-Masood Automobiles and Nissan have fulfilled the needs and expectations of SUV enthusiasts with their X-TRAIL, keeping in mind their commitment to provide customers with innovative and performance-oriented products and services. As the Nissan X-TRAIL celebrates 20 years in the Middle East, let’s take a look back at this benchmark-setting SUV’s journey through the decades and its reputation as an ideal travel companion.

Since its introduction in 2001, the Nissan X-TRAIL has been one of the best-selling vehicles in the market’s largest SUV segment, with a focus on providing comfort, technology and safety. The design of this groundbreaking model strikes a delicate balance between road and trail, expressing sophistication and power. The ALL MODE 4WD system was designed for a safe and comfortable driving experience on all terrains. The technology, which was based on the concepts of the system used in the Nissan Skyline GTR, was the first electric four-wheel drive system in a small 4×4 vehicle.

The second-generation X-TRAIL, launched in 2007, introduced a new perspective to the small utility market and aimed to change the perception of compact SUVs among younger consumers. This all-new model, which built on the strengths of its predecessor, was recognized as having the most advanced 4×4 technology available anywhere in the world. Combining true 4×4 beauty with true exterior performance, this model served as the ultimate small SUV for individuals who lead active and adventurous lives. This was complemented by excellent handling, excellent off-road capability, and a versatile yet modern interior space.

Introduced in 2014, the third-generation X-TRAIL retained the previous model’s go-anywhere capability and added a variety of amenities to define what consumers expect from a compact SUV. What do you expect? The third-generation X-TRAIL introduced a number of advanced safety and technology features through the Nissan Intelligent Mobility and NissanConnect navigation systems. Additionally, the SUV was designed for families and was the first to offer a 7-seat edition, as well as a redesigned crossover design. With more than 3 million units sold worldwide, this model cemented X-TRAIL’s status as the world’s best-selling SUV in its segment.

The all-new X-TRAIL is one of Nissan’s most technologically advanced SUVs to date, and represents one of the most extensive model redesigns in the company’s history. Her highest form truly represents her ethos, which is adaptable and adventurous without sacrificing comfort. The all-new fourth-generation Nissan X-TRAIL, which was launched globally last year, has already captured the interest of SUV enthusiasts in the region with its elevated, luxury styling that truly represents the Nissan spirit. is – versatile and adventurous. No compromise on comfort. The X-TRAIL strengthens Nissan’s already strong SUV lineup in the Middle East in line with the Nissan NEXT transformational plan announced in 2020. , aims to meet the needs and expectations of different customer groups.

Commenting on the Nissan X-Trail’s journey in the Middle East, Irfan Tansal, Chief Executive Officer of Al Masood Automobiles, said: “Nissan X-TRAIL has been a favorite among our customers in Abu Dhabi since its launch nearly two decades ago. The all-new model combines performance-driven aesthetics, class-leading technology, and an exciting all-terrain driving experience. The Saat raises the bar for other SUVs in this class. It offers an amazing array of smart technologies for safety, entertainment and performance. As one of the leading Nissan distributors in the region, we has consistently delivered on its commitment to deliver an exceptional ownership experience throughout the customer journey with us.”

Al Masood Automobiles has been the authorized distributor of Nissan in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region for over 38 years, offering a complete range of the brand’s highly reliable 4×4, luxury and passenger vehicles.

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