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Albury Wodonga and Districts Car Club to take over Wilby Park Raceway – Dubai Car News

TAlbury Wodonga and Districts Car Club (AWDCC) has announced that it has taken over the lease of Wilby Park Raceway in Victoria.

Located just south of Yarrawonga in northern Victoria, Wilby Park is known for its grassroots motorsport, as well as popular events such as the Nostalgia Drags and Retro Speed ​​Sprint at the Lake Millwalla Rod Run.

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AWDCC club president David West said Street Machine The lease agreement had been in place for approximately 12 months after Wilby Car Club approached the new tenants. “[They] The excitement and membership had died down, and there was done with running the event,” explains David.

“Covid hasn’t helped, but there hasn’t been any new blood coming in. Our club is very fortunate. We have a long history with motorsport as the founders of the Humveer Circuit, and we have a very strong membership. There are foundation and active members.

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AWDCC had been hosting events at the Logic Driver Training Center and Winton Raceway for many years, as well as hiring space for its own events. “When they came to us, we thought, ‘This is really a bit difficult; do we have the energy?’ But we thought about that too. [long-disused] The Hume Weir circuit and a few other opportunities were lost, and it would be terrible to see another country’s track go down the toilet,” explains David. Despite the change in operators, Wilby Park’s name remains.

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High on the club’s agenda is hosting extended events along the eighth-mile drag strip. “We don’t have to do a lot to attract people to Hot Mix Track,” says David. “It’s probably the drag strip that we need to spend money on, and that’s our priority as It stands.” The club’s own Lap Dash series would also become a regular fixture at the circuit.

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As for events like Nostalgia Drags and Retro Speed, David says they’re “100 percent” welcome. “We are open to any event, but we are also aware of the residents and the infrastructure,” he explains. “We’re not running every weekend or anything silly, but we want to invest in the facility to make it sustainable and also respect the neighbors and the people involved.”

A practice day has already been held, which saw drifting on the circuit, although heavy rain forced the cancellation of the planned drag and sprint. Next on the list is a non-competition Drag Fun Day on November 12, with entries still available.

To follow the latest developments and event dates at Wilby Park, visit His new Facebook page.

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