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ANCAP 2023 will introduce a raft of updates to the protocol. – Dubai Car News



  • The new protocol will come into force from January 2023.
  • Added flood water and child detection tests.
  • AEB testing gets tough. The bike needs to be tracked

ANCAP has detailed its updated 2023 Safety Protocol. A focus on floodwater testing, child alert systems and motorcycle detection, as well as higher penalties for poor performance in AEB testing.

The new standard will apply from January 2023 to all cars tested by ANCAP and built to the current protocol. which came into effect in January 2020..

Cars will continue to be inspected by the safety agency. Take their rating up to six years. without the need for re-evaluation under the latest protocol.

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ANCAP CEO Carla Horwig 2023 said of the protocols: “Vehicles, and the safety technologies within them, are constantly evolving – and so are our test standards.

Physical safety in an accident, and the ability to actively avoid an accident, are both essential elements. to achieve a higher ANCAP safety rating, and this approach will continue from 2023.

What has changed in 2023?

ANCAP’s protocols have been developed with a focus on the functionality of active safety devices commonly found on new cars.

ANCAP 2023 Protocol Fact Sheet


Zoom in to see how ANCAP weights have changed for 2023.

Will join the new test in 2023.A two-wheeler with AEB assessment looks at the ability of a vehicle’s AEB system to detect stationary and moving motorcycles.

There will also be a blind spot monitoring system. Evaluated their ability to prevent motorcycle side-swipe incidents..

Pedestrian detection, while the vehicle is reversing, is now standard, as is cyclist junction detection and ‘dooring’ prevention (an audible warning given when a cyclist is detected in the vehicle’s blind spot when it is parked or stationary and a passenger tries to open the door.door).

A minimum score of five stars in the Vulnerable Road User section increases from 60 to 70 percent. In theory, it will see both Haval Jolion And Genesis GV 60 If assessed under the new criteria, drop to four stars in this area.

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Both head-on and cross-junction scenarios are included in ANCAP’s car-to-car AEB test procedure for 2023. The maximum penalty for malfunctioning in this protocol is doubled.from four to a possible eight point deduction.

ANCAP has also introduced stricter driver and fatigue monitoring protocols from 2023.

But to recap, cars evaluated in 2023 will need to demonstrate that their batteries can last. Power up the power windows for 10 minutes after submersion..

Child detection systems that use visual, audible – or both – alerts to alert the driver to a child’s presence will also be reviewed from next year.

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