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Arab Petroleum Minister: Egypt plans to export gas worth $8.5-10 billion –

he said Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Tariq Al Moula In an interview with Al-Arabiya channel, said that today, Sunday, Egypt has set a goal of exporting gas worth 8.5 to 10 billion dollars in the current fiscal year 2022-2023.

He added that his country had exported gas worth $6.5 billion in the last financial year.

“We are working to rationalize power consumption to increase the amount of gas required for export,” he said. He said that gas worth more than $6.5 billion was exported during the last financial year.

He continued, “The onset of cooler temperatures during the months of September and October will help our ability to supply more gas to power stations, and thus more gas to liquefaction stations for export.” “

Last June, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Engineer Tariq Al-Moula said that the amount of gas currently imported from Israel is between 600 and 700 million cubic feet per day.

The minister added that this import volume decreases in summer due to high temperatures and increased consumption in Israel, thus reducing the volume by half.

He clarified that Egypt has achieved self-sufficiency in gas since 2018 and the amount that is imported from Israel is fully exported.

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