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Arabian Automobiles defines the INFINITI Q50 with perks. – Dubai Car News

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 5 December 2022: Arabian Automobiles, the AW Rostamani Group’s flagship company and exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, is offering its Q50 luxury sedan with one-year free insurance, four-year servicing and five-year warranty.

The balance between performance, style, practicality, comfort and value is a keen understanding of the motor-loving executive. With a chiseled, athletic design and sophisticated details, the INFINITI Q50 looks to be among the cars in its class. Its finely sculpted front bumper and 19-inch sport wheels are the center of attention, and its broad-shouldered, wider stance invites further exploration. Accentuating its appearance are the LED headlights and crescent window shapes, which provide passengers with greater outward visibility.

The INFINITI Q50 stands out from a design perspective and has performance advantages that match its capability, allowing drivers to charge into every journey with confidence. Add Dynamic Digital Suspension to the mix, and there’s a new level of comfort in a sedan that can handle any road condition by adjusting roll, pitch, and bounce rate to maintain a stable, controlled ride. Is. With the INFINITI Q50, connecting phones with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is also seamless, allowing the driver to choose a podcast everyone’s talking about or even all your favorites. Can also create folders for artist albums. With the available InTouch screen in the car, you can also create customized profiles for the whole family to turn the drive into a fun experience.

Sealing the deal is Arabian Automobiles’ premier, service centers with elite servicing, including free pick-up and drop-off for routine servicing. To take advantage of this special offer, among others, and to benefit from the company’s award-winning aftersales services, visit INFINITI Centers in Dubai, Sharjah and Northern Emirates to explore the unique INFINITI Q50 potential.

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