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Athar set up a new plant in Hosur – Dubai Car News

Aether Energy, India’s largest EV scooter manufacturer, opened its second manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

The 300,000 square feet facility will allow the business to increase its production capacity to 420,000 units annually, which will enable it to meet the growing demand for its flagship scooters, the Ather 450X, and 450 Plus.

New plant

Aether’s new manufacturing facility is spread over 300,000 square feet and consists of two units, one for battery manufacturing and the other for vehicle assembly. The battery unit will have five production lines, while the vehicle assembly will have two. To meet the growing demand for its scooters, the entire plant will have an installed capacity of 420,000 units. The fully modern, state-of-the-art facility is in line with the government’s ‘Atmanir Bhar Bharat’ initiative and will help strengthen domestic manufacturing in the country. With a strong local ecosystem, the majority of Aether Energy’s suppliers are in Tamil Nadu and neighboring Karnataka, making Hosur an ideal location for the factory.

Official statement

Speaking on the launch of the new plant, Swapnal Jain, Co-Founder and CTO, Aether Energy said, β€œAt a rapid scale sensitive to quality issues, creating a vision for the plant to provide safe and reliable to our customers. Product delivery is our top priority. With intensive investment and innovation in processes and machines, this plant will help us further strengthen our leadership in delivering quality vehicles.

Aether Energy

Aether Energy is on the way to becoming the nation’s leader in the EV revolution. The facility meets all applicable manufacturing requirements to ensure its manufacturing processes are sustainable. No waste is generated by the factory and no water is discharged. There is an STP on site, and treated water is circulated for flushing and planting. In addition, the facility includes energy regeneration testing units and an all-electric material on assembly lines.

Aether Energy plans to expand its retail business by entering new markets. By March 2023, the business plans to set up 150 pilot centers across 100 locations. It has also invested heavily in charging infrastructure to provide a comprehensive experience to the rider community. More recently, the company has installed 500 fast charging stations across the country and plans to install 1,400 ether grids by the end of FY23 to support the growth of the EV industry and facilitate the transition to EVs. .

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