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Update: January 26th Audi reveals Active Spare concept.

Audi has teased its final ‘Sphere’ concept ahead of its unveiling on January 26.

gave Audi Active Sphere The concept is the fourth in the all-electric series, following previous concepts coming in 2021 and 2022.

According to the brand, the high-riding sedan will “provide the ultimate freedom and is the perfect companion for passionate outdoor adventures,” with its side profile image revealing all-terrain tires, body cladding, side steps and raised suspension.

Audi Activesphere Concept Teaser 01


Like the other concepts, it is also expected to feature autonomous driving capabilities and bright Audi badging.

Our back story, below, is unchanged.

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The story here

August 22, 2022: 2023 Audi ActiveSphere off-road electric concept teased

Audi’s family of futuristic ‘Sphere’ concept cars has been teased as the fourth model – the 2023 Audi ActiveSphere.

The upcoming ActiveSphere concept car follows the existing SkySphere roadster, GrandSphere saloon and UrbanSphere people-mover, aiming to envision different means of tomorrow’s premium mobility sector.

Set to debut in early 2023, ActiveSphere aims to further, error… Active lifestyle, with a road-ready stance and high ground clearance in the silhouette.

Audi’s Sphere family of futuristic concept cars utilize all-electric drivetrains, with many design choices centered around the possibilities of advanced autonomous driving.

Audi Skyspire Pebble Beach 2022 20


Skysphere (Top) It was first unveiled at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach in August 2021, and previews a sporty open-top electric roadster, brought to life at Audi’s Malibu design studio.

Audi Grand Sphere (below) 5.35 meters long with a 530kW/960Nm electric drivetrain represents an ultra-luxurious lounge-on-wheels saloon.

Wheel News Grand Sphere 60364


Audi Urban Spare (below) The three Sphere vehicles represented the third and final iteration of Audi’s initial announcement. The UrbanSphere is an MPV-like four-seater aimed at dense-urban motoring, specifically citing China as a target influence. Part motorized transport, part mobile office or lounge.

Wheels News Audi Urban Sphere Concept 55


Prior to the ActiveSphere reveal, all three current SkySphere, GrandSphere and UrbanSphere concepts could be seen together for the first time at Monterey Car Week.

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