Volksawgn ID.2 concept sketch

Australia is interested in the Polo-sized city BEV. – Dubai Car News


  • ‘ID.2’ being shorter than ID.3
  • A T-Cross-esque ‘ID.2 X’ electric SUV is also possible.
  • The ‘MEB entry’ platform is likely to debut.

Volkswagen Australia has announced a lofty goal of selling 150,000 electric vehicles in Australia between 2025-30, and has also hinted at city-sized EVs in the future. Possibly called ID.2. – Joining the lineup.

The global release of the ID.2 is expected in 2025, and will likely come in two variants: a Polo-like light hatch, and a T-Cross-esque light SUV spin-off, likely to be called the ID.2 X. An Australian release is far from confirmed, but VW’s local arm has expressed clear interest in the future vehicle.

“The ID.3’s recently announced little brother – the Polo-sized BEV – will come from a newly established EV hub in Spain. And while unfortunately we can’t reveal much more than this teaser sketch today, we have I have no doubt it will be a very exciting addition to the family,” said Rolf Beckman, General Manager Marketing and Product and VW Australia.

The ID.2 is shown in just one sketch that came out in May. The concept was written by VW’s design team under chief designer Josef Kaban with clear reference to the shape and proportions of the ID.3 small car.

2024 Volkswagen ID3 Teaser Images 7


There are definite similarities between this ID.3 concept and the ID.2 diagram.

Volkswagen ID.2 range and power

Previously described as a “funky, fun-to-drive and versatile metro cruiser for the young IT-minded audience”, the George Ketcher, the ID.2 sits below the ID.3 in both size and price. will Expect the vehicle to be around 4.0 meters long and around 1.8 meters wide to help it fit on the streets of a European-sized city.

The ID.2 will be built in Spain at Volkswagen’s new small electric vehicle center alongside a production version of the Cupra’s Urban Rebel concept.

Similar to the difference between the Polo and the Golf, the ID.2 will use a more budget-friendly version of the brand’s MEB architecture – MEB Entry is its expected name. It will feature smaller batteries, shorter wheelbases and different technology as the MQB-A0 platform does in the Polo.

What this means is, it’s hard to make an accurate call about battery size and driving range. Although, with its urban pitch, the ID.2 would be nice to offer between. 350-400 km driving range from the base model ID.3’s 45kWh battery. A smaller battery – 36kWh for example – could help nail down an affordable price point, but it’s likely Australia will just opt ​​for the bigger pack.

The Volkswagen ID Life ID 1 concept


The ID.2 X might look a bit like the 2021 ID.Life concept.

With a lighter body than the ID.4 or ID.3 and a single low-output electric motor – say 100-130kW – the required 13.5kWh/100km should be achievable to hit the 380km driving range. Volkswagen is also likely to add an ‘ID.2 X’ to the range as a crossover/light SUV not unlike the T-Cross.

ID.2 Price and Availability

With a market launch expected in 2024 or 2025, any price or availability talk is purely speculative. However, Volkswagen’s recent cost awareness for the ID.4 – which it claims will sell for close to the prices of the Tiguan 162 TSI R-Line – suggests that electric vehicles will become more affordable over the next five years. will

Don’t expect the ID.2 to have pre-facelift Polo Trendline manual pricing ($19,290 before on-road costs), but instead a starting price of between $28-32,000 – or the equivalent in 2025 – could be very good. received

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