2023 Suzuki Jimny five 5 door

Australian dealers have been taking orders for 18 months. – Dubai Car News

SOzuki dealers have been taking orders for the Jimny five-door for 18 months, despite the model only being confirmed for Australia. The wheels understands

The ‘JB74’ Suzuki Jimny off-roader continues to drive the brand’s demand in Australia thanks to its sleek looks and compact size that belies the off-road prowess of this ladder-frame, 75kW beast.

Current three-doors already face extended waiting lists, and have for some time, but many await the arrival of the five-door.

gave The 505 mm long Jimny will be made in India.Instead of Japan where three doors have been created for our market. Pricing, specifications, equipment levels and arrival times for the Australian market are yet to be confirmed.

And yet, dealers know it’s been coming for a long time, a source said. 4X4 Australia They have been taking orders for the past 18 months.

2023 Suzuki Jimny Five 5 Door Render


The same source noted that some customers who had been waiting in line for the three-door Jimny have now switched to the more practical five-door.

While dealers will be taking names on waiting lists first, these expressions of interest are now being sent to Suzuki Australia as orders, so you’ll have to hurry to secure one.

“Now that we’ve confirmed it for Australia, we’re taking orders. First, best dressed“, said Suzuki Australia General Manager, Michael Pichota 4X4 Australia.

2023 Suzuki Jimny Five 5 Door 1


The Long Jimny will also be built exclusively in India. Reports say. The capacity will be between 5000-6000 five-door Jimnys per month. At Maruti/Suzuki’s Gurugram facility. How it meets the demand of the potentially strong Indian market will soon become clear.

How much will the Suzuki Jimny five-door cost?

Riding on an overall length of 505 mm and a wheelbase of 340 mm, the five-door Jimny is significantly larger than its relative.

Yet being manufactured in India, where labor costs are lower than in Japan, could mean the stretched off-roader costs the same as current models, or just a whisper more expensive.

2023 Suzuki Jimny Five 5 Door 2


The Jimny Lite starts at $28,490 before on-road costs, while the regular Jimny commands a bit more, at $29,990 for the five-speed manual with a $1500 upcharge to get the four-speed automatic.

Suzuki Australia and dealers have yet to discuss how much the five-door will cost. It doesn’t seem likely that an affordable Jimny Light will start the five-door range, therefore We expect a starting price of $30,000-35,000. Before on-the-road costs.

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