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Australian launch confirmed for first half – Dubai Car News

Update: 2023 MG 4 confirmed for first half Australian arrival.

On today’s local launch of the update MGZ SEVMG Motors Australia has confirmed the highly anticipated. MG4 electric hatch It will hit the domestic market during the first half of 2023.

The MG 4 hatchback has long been earmarked for domestic sale, having arrived for testing locally in August, and recently received ADR (Australian Design Regulations) approval last week.

Today’s confirmation during media question time marks the first official confirmation of Australian sales of the MG 4.

Further details, including local specifications and pricing, are unconfirmed, but the car is currently on offer in the UK market. Standard 51kWh and Long Range 64kWh configurationsChanged around with entry prices AU$45,000

A hot dual-motor variant was revealed last week for the Chinese market, with the production 330kW and 600NmAlthough the Australian arrival of this particular species is unknown.

More details will be revealed closer to the launch of the 2023 MG 4 in H1 next year.

Stay tuned for more information as it emerges.

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Update, September 1: 2023 MG 4 electric hatch gets ADR approval

gave 2023 MG 4 The electric hatch is one step closer to local arrival, with official documents showing it has been received. Australian Design Rules Certification.

Featured images followed by permission. The wheels An example from a test in Australia earlier this week (See below).

“We can confirm that we are working through the Australian Design Rules process and hope to showcase this model in due course,” an MG Motor Australia spokesperson said.

The documents don’t reveal drivetrain or battery details for the MG4, however, we’d expect a similar lineup for the UK domestically.

In the UK, the electric hatch is currently offered in standard and long-range guises, starting at £25,995 (AU$44,190).

A dual-motor variant, known as the MG Mulan Triumph Edition in China, was revealed this week, offering hot hatch performance with 330kW of power and 600Nm of torque.

Keep watching The wheels For the latest information on 2023 MG 4 Electric hatch.

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The story here

August 30: The MG4 electric hatch arrives in Australia for testing.

The MG4 electric hatch has arrived on Australian soil for testing, with it expected to launch locally early next year.

The new EV will slot below the ZS SUV and above the MG3 city-sized hatchback in the Chinese marque’s current range of models.

Exclusive photos obtained by The wheels Show the MG 4 arriving in Australia, where it is understood to be undergoing testing against local conditions, as well as compatibility and a change to right-hand drive.

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The MG 4 is yet to be officially confirmed for an Australian launch.though the company’s local arm had earlier revealed that it is evaluating the model and hopes to bring it here by early 2023.

A spokesperson told us: “The MG4 is very firmly in our sights for Australia, although the timing of its arrival will be announced in due course.”

Revealed for Europe earlier this year, the new 2023 MG 4 electric vehicle is on sale for the equivalent of just $45,000 in Australian dollars. In comparison, the MG ZS EV currently offered in Australia costs $46,990 drive-away for the entry-level Excite and $49,990 drive-away for the top-shelf Essence.

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Underpinned by MG’s new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), the MG4 will be available to European buyers with a choice of two floor-mounted, 110mm tall battery packs.Either a 51kWh or 64kWh unitdeliverable Up to 350 or 450 km of driving range respectively

While the 51kWh-equipped MG 4 delivers 125kW to the rear wheels via its electric motor, the larger 64kWh battery allows up to 150kW. 0-100km/h time of under eight seconds With a limited speed of 160 km/h.

2023 MG 4 AV 2023 MG 4 AV 02


It rides on a 2705mm wheelbase, comparable to the ZS EV’s 2585mm footprint, although its overall length is shorter at 4287mm compared to the ZS EV’s 4314mm.

Interior comfort should be better than the ZS EV’s, however, thanks not only to the longer wheelbase but also to its slightly wider design – 1836mm vs 1809mm.

According to Auto ExpressThe MG4 range will be expanded with a new dual-motor performance flagship version in about six months’ time.

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