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Australians buy more Lamborghini Aventadors and Huracans than Urus. – Dubai Car News

SSince Audi took control of Lamborghini in 1998, the Raging Bull’s reliability, sales and profits have skyrocketed.

And while the Urus SUV may not be the V12 supercar enthusiast wants, globally it accounts for 60 percent of Lamborghini’s sales.

In Australia, though, the numbers have reversed, with the Urus accounting for just 40 percent of SUV orders.

“It’s because we like loud cars,” said Oceana manager Peter Crombie-Brown The wheels In this week’s Australian preview of the Huracan Tecnica.



The Urus still stands out, making up about half of sales here, of course, and with the Aventador now fully retired and the Huracan not far behind, the Urus will soon be the only Lambo you can buy brand new.

The sales split between SUV and supercar will fluctuate accordingly over the next few years. But nevertheless it’s interesting to see the strong demand for cars that makes the teenager in us go weak in the knees.

In total, Lamborghini delivered 5,090 cars worldwide in 2021, 10 times more than the 494 Diablos and Murcielagos sold in 2001.



Is the chip shortage affecting Lamborghini?

Scarcity of raw materials and precious metals has affected the industry at large, but due to its unique position in the VW Group’s portfolio, Lamborghini has been able to survive the worst of it.

With Lamborghini’s €1.33 billion (AU$2.05 billion) gross revenue translating into a €425 million (AU$656 million) profit margin, each semiconductor deployed in an Aventador, Urus or Huracan makes more money than the same chip, say. Are Volkswagen Polo 70TSI Life.

That means Lamborghini has effectively kicked semiconductors into the supply chain, which Crombie-Brown said gave the Santagata carmaker a productivity edge over rivals like Aston Martin and Ferrari.



The VFACTS numbers tell a different story.

Official Australian sales figures are released monthly by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) in its VFACTS report. By the end of September 2022, 71 Urus cars were registered against 47 Aventadors and Huracans.

That breaks down to 40 supercars/60 SUVs, just like the global total. A spokesman said The wheels Although official VFACTS numbers will fluctuate based on delivery, It’s current Australian order bank sits at 60 per cent supercar, 40 per cent SUV.

The exclusive nature of Lamborghinis means that some cannot be counted in sales tallies, as if a car is not registered at the time of sale, it will not end up in the official tally.

The new Lamborghini Huracan STO supercar


Special editions such as the Aventador SVJ and the track-focused Huracan STO can be purchased by collectors who choose not to immediately register them for the road and will not be counted in public sales.

New models coming from Lamborghini include the facelifted Huracan, due for release later this year, a plug-in hybrid Aventador successor in 2023, more hybrids in 2024 (and possibly a Huracan replacement) and the first battery electric vehicle by 2028. are

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