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Bentley Bator begins real-world testing – Dubai Car News

  • The first Bator coupe development car is starting trials across Europe.
  • 100+ weeks of powertrain development have already been completed, delivering the most powerful Bentley to date.
  • Dynamic details for Batur Kar #0 using the “Purple Sector”.
  • Bator’s innovative materials and construction look to Bentley’s sustainable future.
  • A number of customers in the Middle East have already reserved their cars – the region is Bentley’s most successful custom car sales market.

(Middle East, December 27, 2022) Bentley Bator has begun real-world road trials across Europe. After making its debut at Monterey Car Week in August 2022 and attending numerous events for Bentley customers, the global media and the public, the two development Baturs now begin a rigorous program of tests to ensure the highest standards of vehicle performance and quality. are doing A limited series of just 18 examples is due to begin deliveries in mid-2023 following the completion and sign-off of an extensive engineering program.

All 18 instances of Batur have already been saved, including by users in the Middle East. The region is Bentley’s most successful market for custom vehicles anywhere in the world, and customers are particularly known to appreciate Mulliner’s craftsmanship. Mulliner’s design team guides each client through the design process, leading to a truly unique vehicle.

Validation activities include durability, environmental compatibility and sunlight simulation, high-speed stability, aerodynamics, noise and vibration, and driving dynamics for both the engine and the entire vehicle. In total, more than 120 individual tests cover everything from the quality of the surface finish of the gold “organ stop” ventilation controls to the new W12 engine hardware and software. More than 58 weeks of vehicle validation have been scheduled across the two pre-series cars, complementing the 100+ weeks of vehicle validation already completed to validate the increased engine power, giving Bentley The Bator is the most powerful Bentley in history – with at least 740 PS.

The first activity for one of Batur’s developments – Car #0 – is an extensive 2,500km drive across Europe to simulate real-world conditions. The route originates in Germany and travels through Italy, France and Spain before embarking on high-speed testing on proven grounds.

Paul Williams, Mulliner’s Chief Technical Officer, comments:

“It was clear at the start of the project that this car had to be the ultimate GT and so every element of the exterior design, engine power and hand-crafted interior has been created without compromise.

“There are many unique features that bring new challenges. Even small details such as the diamond angle in the front grille representing the cylinder angle in the W12 engine had to be considered. And although only 18 Baturs will be produced , but the level of quality should be equal to every one of the 15,000 cars that Bentley currently produces each year.”

On a proving ground, Bator car #0 will begin seven weeks of sustained work on handling tracks, mixed road conditions, high-speed testing and adverse surface conditions. During all these activities, data and feedback are collected ensuring the achievement of technical goals.

When the proving grounds are complete, another 7,500 km of real-world driving will be conducted before environmental testing begins. In just under four weeks the car will withstand 600 hours of solar loading – equivalent to five years in the Arizona desert. This is particularly important for new sustainable materials used in exterior components as alternatives to carbon fiber.

Customers will be able to specify the color and finish of virtually every surface of the Bentley Bator, to personalize a car. From the main exterior paint to the surface finish of the air vents, and literally everything in between, every customer will specify even the smallest details.

The Mulliner Bacalar was the first coach-built project in recent years, providing key insights into Bentley’s customers and customer preferences. For the Bator, an even greater selection of options has been developed, not only in terms of colours, materials and finishes, but also new technology such as the Milliner by Naeem audio system. It takes the Naim audio system from the Continental GT and replaces it with 20 new Focal speakers, tuned exclusively for the Bator and customizing it into a truly class-leading audio experience. .

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