Bergman finally got a chunky rear wheel Dubai Car

Bergman finally got a chunky rear wheel. – Dubai Car News

Suzuki Bergman! The scooter completely dominated the 125-cc segment in India. The top dog of the scooter market was a combination of performance and practicality.

Suzuki, however, plans to improve upon the best, giving the Bergman a much-needed refresh to keep up with the times.

Suzuki has announced the All New Burgman Street EX, powered by a strong and reliable 125cc engine with FI technology. The newly introduced Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha engine is an advanced version of the previous engine, incorporating Suzuki’s Eco Performance technology to deliver superior fuel economy with excellent acceleration. The technology is paired with EASS, which automatically shuts off the engine on a signal and restarts it as soon as the rider gives it some throttle. This smart feature reduces fuel consumption and emissions. It really helps with stop and go traffic.

The engine is quite refined and quiet, and it also gets a silent starter system, which adds to its silent quality. This works in conjunction with EASS to silently restart the engine when the rider, say, stops at a signal and wants to move. To top off all the new features, the rear wheel has finally been upgraded from 10-inch alloy to 12-inch. This will give the scooter a more symmetrical look as well as a better ride quality.

Bergman finally got a chunky rear wheel Dubai Car

This was said by Mr. Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director of Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited. Ltd. says, “The love and affection our Bergman Street has received from the Indian customers has prompted us to launch the all-new Bergman Street EX in the country soon after its global unveiling. It is one of the house of Suzuki. is a special product that incorporates the latest technology thus offering an unparalleled riding experience.

Bringing Suzuki’s international Bergman heritage to the fore, we are confident that the Bergman Street X, Special One will now be more special than ever” and usher in a new era of luxury scooter riding in India.

Apart from the powerful engine, the All New Burgman Street EX gets Suzuki Ride Connect* which comes with a Bluetooth® enabled digital console** that allows you to seamlessly sync your mobile phone with your vehicle. is to provide features like turn-by. Turn navigation, incoming call, SMS and WhatsApp alert display, missed call and unread SMS alert**, over speed warning, phone battery level display and estimated time of arrival. Connecting the console is easy and can be paired with both Android.TM and iOS phones.

Product the color Price ex-showroom, Delhi
SUZUKI BURG MAIN STREET EX 1) Metallic Matte Platinum Silver No.22) Metallic royal bronze3) Metallic Matte Black No. 2 INR 1 12 300/-

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