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This story, ranking the automotive brands with the most vegan-friendly animal-friendly car interiors, was first published in January 2022.

In the months since, more and more brands have started singing the praises of synthetic leather-like materials – and, more often than not, the materials of choice these days are also free of the oil-based plastic polymer PVC. Is. polyvinyl chloride) and polyurethane to make what was historically known as vinyl.

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What are animal-safe, vegan and eco-friendly leather and other fabrics made of?

Most popular these days, if only for bragging rights, are innovative and versatile natural materials like bamboo, cork, coffee grounds, cactus leaves and more, along with that old favorite wool.

Of course, marine plastic is the latest trend for many brands in all types of industries, providing a rare opportunity for a brand to announce that it’s not only working to reduce its reliance on chemicals and oil. , but even better – they are actively working. Clean up our mess.

One of the more recent programs, which represents a gray area for some, is the use of polyester in genuine leather that is obtained as a ‘by-product’ of the food industry, and only from farms where cattle are raised. are raised and slaughtered ‘humanely’. (The RSPCA definition of humane killing is: ‘When an animal is either killed immediately or rendered unconscious until death occurs, without causing pain, suffering or of suffering’.)

Polyester 3 Animal Welfare Leather Score


All Polestar 3 EVs feature a block of text on the back of each front seat, proudly announcing the carbon footprint of the selected materials.

Pollster at least points out that real leather is strictly a cost option in its lineup, and its standard trims are “Bio-Attributed Micro-Tech,” a synthetic ‘vegan leather’ that’s mostly recycled. Made of polyester. (And not from vegans…)

This trend also looks set to explode, with research predicting the global synthetic leather market will be worth $106 billion by 2030 – doubling in value in 2021.

So which brands are doing the most in the race for vegan-friendly cars? Read it

The story here

January 2022: Top ‘Vegan Leather’ Animal-Friendly Car Brands Ranked

Bin Zakaria

In recent years, the growing popularity of veganism – a lifestyle that seeks to avoid the use of animal products – has led many automakers to consider alternative materials such as leather.

Multiple Formula 1 champion Sir Lewis Hamilton is the motoring world’s most famous vegan, with awareness of the philosophy slowly growing throughout the community recently.

While Toyota is known for favoring velor interiors for its luxury flagship Century limousines, Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the most famous, with buyers opting for tough yet supple MB-Tex vinyl for decades.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach E White Edition Interior Front


But other brands are starting to catch on. A new study from a UK dealership Dick Levitt has ranked car companies by how many vegan-friendly models each has.

Most major manufacturers offer at least one vegan car on the menu, but it was Ford that topped the list, with 28 models offering animal-free interiors.

A ranking of vegan-friendly car brands

Rank make Total number of wagon compatible models
1 Ford 28
2 Honda. 20
3 Nissan 19
4 Be careful 17
5 Chevrolet 15
6 what 15
7 Hyundai 14
8 Mercedes-Benz 13
9 Citroën 8
10 Toyota 8
11 Subaru 6
12 Vauxhall 6
13 Dacia 5
14 Land Rover 5
15 BMW 5
16 Renault 5
17 Buick 4
18 GMC 4
19 Peugeot 3
20 Tesla 3
21 Volkswagen 3
22 Fiat 1
23 Money 1
24 Polyester 1
25 Porsche 1

Source: Dick Levitt, January 2022

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