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Blueprint unveiled an LS-headed 3.6-liter four-cylinder engine. – Dubai Car News

TThe 2022 Performance Racing Industry Show was full of new and innovative ways to go fast, but one thing no one expected was an LS-headed four-banger concept unveiled by the crate engine behemoth, Blueprint Engines. had done

Street Machine News Blueprint Four Cylinder LS1


A lot of people are calling it a four-cylinder LS, but that’s not really true. What you’re actually looking at is a four-pot block typically used for industrial applications, modified to fit an LS3 head. The basic engine block is sourced from Blueprint’s sister company Origin Engines, the predecessor to Mercury Marine Engines. In this guise, the 3.6 liter uses Ford Windsor-style heads.

Street Machine News Blueprint Four-Cylinder LS2


The engine is very much a concept with no examples at this stage, but according to Blueprint the LS-headed four-pot should be good for 340 hp and around 500 ft-lbs with the help of a turbo.

The thing that has really piqued everyone’s interest though is the engine conversion potential. Blueprint says it will accept most GM bell housings, and can even take a Block Windsor head if that’s more your thing. Word is that the LS coilpack might be an option to get around if it’s not your jam, and basically because of the LS’s half size you’d be hard-pressed to find a car it wouldn’t fit. will – although the water pump increases the length somewhat.

Other applications for the 3.6 may include both marine and speedway use. But as a good colleague of ours advised us this morning, just imagine this baby with a mild turbo, Higgins head, decent internals and the right camshaft!

It’s still a concept with no word on pricing or availability, but the four-pot is likely to be fast-tracked into production after an unexpectedly strong response to the PRI blueprint.

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