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BMW partnered with RMIT students to envision a greener Melbourne in 2030 – Dubai Car News

SAs part of a competitive partnership with BMW Australia, RMIT students have created their own vision of what mobility could look like in the city of Melbourne by the end of this decade.

YourMelbourne tasks students with creating their own idea of ​​the city in 2030 – considering the challenges of climate change, a growing population and the need for transport solutions. As part of this plan, they also had to work towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly.

Entrants ranged from envisioning smart aviation methods to clean up Melbourne’s waterways and solving the growing problem of congestion, from revolutionizing floor coverings to enhance the comfort of personal mobility. So it got everything from designing the next-generation shared vehicle network.

2022 BMW RMIT Your Melbourne Winners 2


BMW Group Australia CEO Wolfgang Buchel said he was impressed after reviewing the submissions.

“Seeing the future of our city through the vision of the next generation is incredibly inspiring,” Buchel said.

“Their forward-thinking ideas offer a bright, vibrant and ambitious vision of how Melbourne can progress further to embrace sustainable mobility solutions.

“From improving public and personal mobility to reimagining suburban life, their groundbreaking solutions not only bring out their ability to think creatively and holistically; they bring their vision to these talented young people.” It also highlights the importance of paving the way for understanding.”

First, second and third place were awarded in two categories: individual and group. The winners were awarded $5000 and $2500 (each) in cash respectively.

Your Melbourne RMIT BMW Group Winner


Submission of Aditya Dhankhar.

This year’s individual category winner, Aditya Dhankhar, presented an idea for a self-sustaining suburb featuring ‘rolling farms’ to circulate local fresh produce, and infrastructure solutions for electro-mobility. Transformed the city into a green oasis.

Winners of the group category, Alysha Toron, Diane Pikolowski and Jian Fang Lin, delivered a complete ecosystem for Melbourne in 2030, with highlights such as raised walkways connecting community hubs, city gardens and filtration systems to train bridges. has been retrofitted. Yarra River

Each submission was judged by a panel, which included staff members from both BMW Group Australia and RMIT.

Professor Heath McDonald, Dean of the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, RMIT College of Business and Law, praised the diversity of ideas presented in the competition.

Your Melbourne RMIT BMW individual winner


Submitted by Alisha Turron, Diane Pikolowski and Jian Fang Lin.

Professor Macdonald said, “Over the past two years, our partnership with BMW Group Australia for the YourMelbourne competition has successfully encouraged students to consider their futures and how society’s various challenges can be integrated into a coherent vision. come together.”

“Each submission demonstrated creativity with winning submissions showcasing unique interpretations of the future of Melbourne that our community should aspire to, and this competition is one of the ways we Give students a voice to inspire others to think critically.”

Wolfgang Büchel BMW


Wolfgang Buchel, CEO of BMW Group Australia

2022 Your Melbourne Winners

Individual winners Group winners
1st Aditya Dhankhar Alisha Turron, Diane Pikolowski, Jian Fang Lin
2nd Lucinda Gibson Jung Lu, Renping Liu, Yang Lu
3rd Caleb Delis Max Tandy, Michael Kalkandis

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