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BMW shows color-changing i Vision Dee concept at CES 2023 – Dubai Car News


  • i Vision Dee launches the Neue Klasse platform.
  • Virtual Assistant ‘D’ in detail
  • The head-up display puts you in a virtual world.

BMW today unveiled the next step in its electrification and digitalization journey, revealing the iVision D concept. 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

According to BMW, the i Vision Dee makes the final cut. New classwhich is “a comprehensive vision for the next generation of cars”. The three pillars are circularity, electrification and digitization, with the D standing for the third: digitization.

The concept’s name – D (which you may have seen teased on Instagram) – stands for ‘Digital Emotional Experience’ and is meant to be a helpful companion using voice and AI technology to facilitate interaction with the vehicle. is being developed.

BMW I Vision Dee 1


There are some pretty notable features on display, including a heads-up display that can take up the entire windscreen, a slider to adjust the level of digital assistance, winking kidney grilles to give a human feel, and color changing. ‘E Inc.’ Paint is available with 32 colors.

BMW’s head of design, Adrian Van Hooydonk, continues to push the boundaries – for better or worse – with the i Vision Dee, its somewhat traditional three-box sedan shape with the iconic kidney grilles, circular headlights and Hofmeister is Kink.

Except the proportions, surfacing and shape are wild, unlike any BMW before. The key points and technologies demonstrated by the i Vision Dee are expected to emerge in 2025.

BMW i Vision D10


With BMW’s track record of releasing production versions very close to the concept – the XM and iX come to mind – perhaps what we’re seeing here is the next revolution in the 3 Series family.

BMW has already hinted that the first of its Neue Klasse vehicles will be a mid-size 3 Series, and Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, then confirmed that the sporty SUV will follow in 2025.

“Launching in 2025, the NuClassi will start with a dynamic sedan and a sporty activity vehicle. More models will follow quickly.”

“You might say: just another show car, but that’s not what Dee is. The future is out there and we’re all for it. What you see, what you feel, tell the truth.” Closer than you can imagine”, said Zipse.

“The BMW i Vision Dee Neue Klasse is another step on the road. With this vision, we are looking far into the future and underlining the tremendous importance of digitalization for our upcoming product generations.”

BMW I Vision Dee 9


Inside the iVision D

Heads-up displays aren’t new, but i Vision Dee’s takes things to a Metaverse level. There’s a ‘shy slider’ with different vision settings, from analog to virtual reality with minimal information for speed or navigation.

Level 2 adds more layers, including a built-in social media platform, the third is an improvement over what’s in the iX with augmented reality navigation and social media notifications.

In the fourth level you experience a completely different reality that has little to do with the outside world. It can also keep you in touch with family and friends through the virtual universe.

Seen here, the graphics on the screen resemble a video game. BMW didn’t say exactly what it could be used for, but presumably it will allow passengers to relax on the journey, along with advanced self-driving technology.

BMW I Vision Dee 2


The shy slider also offers fully dimmable side windows, allowing passengers to shelter from the outside world and show off their avatar.

There’s no floating touchscreen inside the iVision D, instead the dashboard seems to act as a touch surface. It is extremely minimalistic on the inside.

The steering wheel is quartic with two wide spokes – presumably for communicating with the car – and the other two narrow spokes.

Finally, despite the exterior, there’s still some classic BMW in the cabin. The floating center console with one button is a development found in the new 2 Series Active Tourer and X1 small SUV.

BMW i Vision D3


Outside of iVision D

The promised interaction with BMW’s virtual assistant D continues outside. You can talk to the i Vision Dee, its kidney grills and headlights can wink and beckon in conjunction with external speakers.

BMW describes the treatment as a “phytial (fusion of physical and digital) icon on the same surface, giving the vehicle a different facial expression.”

If you’re reading this and thinking, wow, Dee looks a bit like KITT from the television series Knight Rider (1982-86), well, BMW wheeled out the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that talked D on stage at CES.

BMW I Vision Dee 5


On top of the wild design, the i Vision Dee iX Flow takes the shade-changing concept to the next level, with an active ‘E Ink’ paint finish. 32 possible colors anytime.

It almost goes without saying, but the iVision D is an electric concept. The production car is expected to have a range of over 400km, although BMW was making no claims other than retaining the brand’s hallmark dynamics.

It’s certainly a whole new future for BMW, a car company best remembered for its powerful six-, eight-, 10- and 12-cylinder engines, not to mention the tagline ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. to do

What do you think of BMW’s new direction? Is this the future of mobility you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

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