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BMW to manufacture solid-state EV batteries – Dubai Car News


  • BMW Solid Power to make solid-state batteries in Germany with alliance
  • High energy density and thermal safety are key advantages.
  • It’s not clear when it will be available, but it won’t be cheap initially.

The BMW Group will develop and manufacture batteries for solid-state electric vehicles in Germany thanks to an extended alliance with SolidPower.

The major US solid-state battery maker has licensed research and development for its cell design and manufacturing know-how to the Bavarian car brand. But, the solid state electrolyte material will not be intellectual property licensed and will be provided to BMW for manufacturing purposes only.

The approximately AU$30 million deal extends to June 2024 (subject to targets being met) and allows the two companies to work together on improving manufacturing processes, then BMW Solid Power’s pilot production lines at its German plant. will replicate in the factory to produce a prototype solid-state battery. Cells

BMW Solid State Electric Vehicle Battery 2


It’s unclear when the first solid-state battery EV will launch, but the luxury automaker promised last year that the first prototype model would hit the road “before 2025.”

Solid-state batteries today use a solid electrolyte instead of the liquid found in traditional lithium-ion packs. This theoretically allows it to be more secure and thermally stable, provide greater energy density due to its compact size to offer greater driving range, and reliability, longevity and charging. Increases speed.

However, as with all new technologies, it is not expected to be cheap initially. Other emerging chemistries such as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and sodium-ion batteries are poised to lower the cost barrier for entry-level EVs, while reducing reliance on increasingly expensive and unsustainable materials in mining.

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“We couldn’t be more excited about expanding our relationship with BMW, a company that has demonstrated a strong commitment to SolidPower technology for the past seven years,” said Dr. Derek Johnson, COO of SolidPower. What is it.”

“We believe this expanded partnership and increased collaboration is an additional vote of confidence in SolidPower’s technology development.”

Ford is also another key investor in Solid Power, which aims to use its battery tech in future Ford EVs – while battery makers such as QuantumScape, Factorial Energy (which has partnerships with Hyundai, Stellantis and Mercedes-Benz ) and ProLogium technology. In the race for solid-state battery development.

BMW is additionally investigating hydrogen fuel cell powertrains as a viable alternative to battery electrics.

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