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Border Battle 2022 – Dubai Car News

OhAfter two years of COVID-throwing spanners in the works, the BF Transport Border Fight continues today from 4-9pm in Kiva Street, Albury.

Billed as a NSW vs Victoria showdown, the Border Battle was founded. Street Machine Photographer Luke Hunter to showcase the amazing car culture in the Albury/Wodonga area in 2019.

Street Machine Border Battle Trophy


The Engine Masters Perpetual Trophy is a masterpiece, created by Mark Lloyd Riddle.

Judging is divided into two classes: Battle Royale for show cars and Street Fighters for Street Fighters.

Car admission is long sold out, but spectators are welcome and free! For more information, see the event Facebook page.

Street Machine Border Battle Albury


Border Battle 2019

The inaugural Border Battle was billed as a State of Origin-style car show pitting Victoria against New South Wales, but there was no sign of interstate rivalry as the Murray was filled with cars from both sides. The lovers come together to demonstrate the power of this scene. Albury Wodonga area and surrounds. The ‘battlefield’ was Junction Place, a former railway yard in Wodonga, which hosted a fine mix of high class cars and good streeters, with a good number of both old and new schools represented.

The event was organized by a local photographer. Street Machine Partner Luke Hunter, who was thrilled with the roll-up.

Border war


“We wanted to showcase as many different automotive subcultures as we could,” Luke said. “So we had everything mixed in with chrome bumpers, Japanese stuff and new-school muscle. We also aimed for high quality of the car and not over-saturating it with a certain type.”

Mother Nature did her best to disrupt the battle with some inclement weather and even hail as the event was about to begin. But the throngs of visitors and onlookers were undeterred, with an estimated 10,000 people passing through to check out the 80 cars on display.

Trophies were awarded to the two best cars from each state. The NSW winner was David Kennedy and his Factory Five GTM Supercar, while runner-up was Peter Appleby and his pink XD. For Victoria, it was a one-two win for the Bradbury family, with Terry Bradbury and his XM Futura (Sm, September ’18) ahead of his wife Robin and his American 1960 Falcon Coupe. Terry also overtook David Kennedy for the overall win, thus claiming the first Border Battle for Victoria.

Border war


The People’s Choice Award went to Kurt Adam and his Turbo Rotary Mazda 808 Savannah Station Wagon.

“Rain, hail or shine, the Albury Wodonga car community was determined to make a day of it,” Luke said. “It’s been amazing – we had a great turnout with a huge variety of cars on display. I’d like to thank all the event sponsors and the family and friends who helped make it all happen. Next year for sure It will be even bigger and better.

Ford XM Futura sedan


Terry Bradbury from Wodonga won Best Victoria and Best Overall with his stunning 351ci Windsor-powered XM Futura sedan. Terry took home the Border Battle Perpetual Trophy, produced by MLR Custom Coach Builder and sponsored by Engine Master Australia. “It’s been a great day to put on a car show,” Terry said. “More people came out than I expected.”

Ford Falcon Two Door


The Bradbury family claimed a one-two finish, with Terry’s better half Robin Bradbury edging out runner-up Victoria in the recently restored and drop-dead gorgeous American Falcon Two Door. Rubin also received the ‘Hardest Parked’ award from the judges.

Factory Five GTM Supercar


David Kennedy took out the best of NSW in his Factory Five GTM Supercar, one of only seven ever brought to Australia. David’s was the second GTM to be completed and the first of the second generation cars. “I don’t have a mechanical background,” David said. “I’m a former traffic cop, accident investigator and driving instructor. I had never tried building a GTM before and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to own a very different and exotic supercar.

Ford XD Falcon


Runner-up NSW, Peter Appleby has owned his XD Falcon since it was brand new and has put 194,000 keys on it. “I’ve given it two rebuilds in the 39 years I’ve owned it, including an XE front,” Peter informed us. “It runs a 351ci Cleveland and a T5 BorgWarner manual gearbox, with a BorgWarner rear end. Today was a great day despite starting with a sleet. Lots of people going up and down all day. “

Mazda Rotary 808 Wagon


Kurt Adam’s Turbo Rotary 808 Wagon was voted People’s Choice. “This is a 1976 808 wagon that has been built as an RX-3 wagon,” Kurt said. “It runs an S8 13B Bridgeport rotary and tubbed rear end, with four links supporting a nine-inch differential. The transmission tunnel has been widened to accommodate the exhaust system as well.

Holden HT sedan


Anthony Matijasevic’s Pro Street HT sedan runs a 380ci small-block Chev. “The motor was built by me and the old man,” explained Anthony, whose father is Bruno Matijaceuk, a famous local drag racer who will soon be racing his bright orange 521 Hemi-powered HG in the Pro Extreme class. . “It has a Dart block, Racer Pro alloy heads, solid roller cam and a sheet metal tunnel ram with twin 750 carbs. The gearbox is a transbrake Powerglide with a 5800rpm stall converter.

Chrysler VJ Valiant Charger


Shane Graham from Wingarta brought his VJ Valiant Charger with Border Beetle. Running an EFI turbo 265 Hemi six, the Charger is no slouch. “I’ve had it for a little over 10 years,” Shane said. “It’s good fun to get to events like this. Today was a good day and a great turnout considering the weather.

Ford XB Falcon


John Roumeliotis had two cars from his collection on display at Wodonga. “The blue XB coupe runs a mildly tuned 351 with a C4′ box and a nine-inch rear end,” he said. The ’34 is on airbags and runs a mild 350 Sheave with Powerglide.

Toyota Wagon


Powered by a Toyota 5K inline-four with twin side-draft carbs and a five-speed ‘box, Dave Payne’s KE20 Corolla station wagon draws attention with its retro race livery, but it’s often outdone by the marque’s unique styling. Confuses lovers. This is a 1973 wagon – the first year Toyota sold a wagon variant in Australia – with a 1971 front. Caught!

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