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Businesses are pushing for one million EVs on Australian roads by 2027. – Dubai Car News


  • An ambitious goal of selling one million new EVs in five years
  • Will emphasize fuel efficiency standards.
  • Businesses from Woolworths to Transurban
  • Car makers include Tesla, BMW, Volvo.

More than 100 businesses and organizations have joined forces to bring one million EVs to Australian roads by 2027.

gave Companies included Retail companies such as The Woolworths Group, infrastructure company Transurban, carmakers Tesla, BMW, Volvo, MG Motor, JLR, LDV, BYD, Polestar and others.

A complete list appears at the end of this article.

Above all, the new alliance – led by the EV Council – The Australian government is calling for fuel efficiency standards to be implemented..

Further goals of the federal EV strategy include an integrated charging infrastructure push, local manufacturing, more electric buses and commercial vehicles, economic modeling that reflects the benefits of EVs and, ultimately, getting one million BEVs on Australian roads. Included.

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After years of inaction from Canberra, Australian EV policy is now ready to accelerate and business wants to make sure we don’t miss the moment.

“This new federal government is off to a strong start and the National EV Strategy announced in the first months of its tenure is a great step forward. But after a long period of policy stagnation, we now need a strategy that These are strong measures”, said Bahad Jafari, Chief Executive of the Electric Vehicle Council.

How far does Australia have to go to hit a million EVs?

To reach the one million EV target, Australians will need an average of 200,000 new BEV purchases over the next five years.

That’s a pretty lofty goal considering we only bought 5,149 electric passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles in 2021, though that’s according to VFACTS, which didn’t include Tesla sales until April 2022.

2022 Tesla Model Y RWD V Kia EV 6 Air Thomas Wielecki 205


With Tesla’s continued success, which is now measured in monthly sales numbers, EV market share has grown significantly, with 21,771 BEVs sold between January and September of this year.

That number would need to grow nearly 10-fold to reach the coalition’s goal of 1 million EVs on the road. But with year-on-year growth like this, it’s possible.

The EV market is also set to expand further next year as Volkswagen (which is not part of the alliance) will finally introduce its first EV in Australia, starting with the Cupra Born and then the ID4, followed by The first BEVs from Toyota and Subaru arrived.

“We know Australians want the transition to electric vehicles to accelerate. Our latest data shows a 65 percent jump in EV sales over the past year. But this leaves Australia with plenty of opportunities to gain access to the rest of the world.

2022 Volkswagen ID 4x8


“The absence of a fuel efficiency standard is largely responsible for manufacturers ignoring our nation in favor of others with more ambitious plans,” said Jaffery, a reason behind the EV transition driven by Australian buyers. noted as

Which companies are involved?

As it stands, 101 companies and organizations have joined the alliance so far (A complete list appears at the end of this article.).

Some of the major players include Ikea, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) and charging provider ABB EV, all of which have interests in the power transition.

For Ikea, “a strong, national EV strategy with a targeted policy for the freight and logistics sector will enable the retail sector to accelerate its contribution to reducing transport emissions”, complementary sourcing manager , said Brandon Grohl.

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NECA wants to see the EV strategy lead to “infrastructure and workforce to support the transition to a cleaner economy at one of the nation’s biggest sources of emissions. According to CEO Oliver Judd, NECA prioritizes Fully supports the EV Council in making

While Steve Amore, Product Market Manager at ABB EV Charging, is interested in helping the government develop a national recharging strategy:

“ABB Australia wholeheartedly supports this proposal and agrees to participate in this proposal, as part of a collaborative EV industry, to help develop an Australian EV strategy and policy, to Encourage, promote and support the transition of Australia’s wider vehicle population to electrification, with a target of 1 million electric vehicles on Australian roads by 2027.

“If we get this EV strategy right, the opportunities are huge. We can employ tens of thousands of Australians making batteries, chargers, cars, buses and trucks. We reduce pollution from transport. “And we will do our fair share to combat climate change. And we will reduce our dependence on foreign oil by using Australian energy to transition,” concluded Mr Jaffrey.

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List of organizations and companies involved in the coalition
ABB Green peace
Active AGL Hanson
Australian Electric Vehicle Association Heavy Vehicle Industry Association
AGL Energy Hertz
Amber IKEA Australia
ANC Jaguar Land Rover
Arrival Jaunt
Osgrad JLL
Australian Hydrogen Council JOLT Charge
Australian Trucking Association do it
Bank Australia LDV
Beyond Zero Emissions Lynn Fox
BMW Group (BMW and MINI) MG Motors
Portana Microsoft
unlimited Muddy’s Electrical
Bright Motion energy
BYD Motorsport Safety and Rescue
business Meenergy
Clean Energy Council National Electrical and Communications Association
Climate Action Network Australia Nextport
Climate Energy Finance Nodo
Committee for Sydney NRMA
Connect source NSW Nature Conservation Council
Custom Denning Original
Custom fleets Pepper money
Delta Energy Polyester
Doctors for Environment Pollination capital
Absco Renault
Electric Vehicle Council Restoration of Australia
Electrical Trade Union ROEV
Energy Efficiency Council SA Power Networks
Energy Renaissance Civic Motorcycles.
Energy Lab Schneider Electric
Environment Victoria SEA Electric
Europe car SG Flat
Energy The sixth
Everty Smart Energy Council
Avi Networks Solar Citizens
Evolution glory
EVSE St. Baker Energy Innovation Fund
EVUP Tesla
Farmers for Climate Action Australia Institute
FIMER Transurban
Phones Tritium
Photon mobility Uber
GEMtek Volvo cars, Volvo buses and trucks
Geo tab Wall box
Get electric. The Woolworths Group
Girl Geek Academy WSP
Good car company

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