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Citroen unveils new logo. – Dubai Car News

LLike many of his rivals and stablemates at Stellantis, Citroën Looking to the past for inspiration as it navigates its electric future.

In the case of its brand and its famous “deux-chevron”, Citroën has cast its vision back to the logo launched in 1919 – Marking the 10th evolution of its seed in 103 years.

Interestingly, three of Citroën’s printed logos – including this latest version – have only been introduced in the last 13 years, with a gap of just seven and six years between them.

History of the Citroen logo


(How cheap can new cars be if brands aren’t regularly budgeting for new branding in their offices, dealerships, stationery and workwear…)

Of course, the Citroën brand has maintained graphic design trends throughout the 2000s and 2010s.

In 2009, Citroën unveiled a curved logo with subtle metallic tones through the chevron – just like many of its rivals – before adopting a ‘flat’ design theme that took off online. It eventually affected (infected?) just about every industry in the world.

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Now, in 2022, Citroën is once again returning what little complexity remained to its modern logo, returning the chevrons to their original, rounded form – not the military chevron, by the way, but the massive double helical. Inspired by the herringbone pattern of Gear Design André Citroën bought the rights to it in the early 20th century.

“The elegant new emblem reflects the transition and evolution of the brand, and will debut on a key concept Citroën family vehicle at the end of September,” the company says.

“Versions of this will gradually expand Citroën’s future production and concept vehicles from mid-2023.”

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Citroën will also develop a new slogan along with the new logo: “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën”.

See new Citroën cars to show off their new Chevron in 2023.

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