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Conception of Ram Revolution Begins Today: Watch Live Stream – Dubai Car News

The Revolution concept was supposed to debut at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, but Ram decided to push back its premiere until CES. The wraps are finally coming off today during a live-streamed event for the electric pickup truck that will compete against the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV. A later production version due in 2024 will likely have a different moniker, possibly the 1500 REV as suggested in a recent trademark filing.

In preparation for the concept’s premiere in Las Vegas today, Ram has released a few teaser images and initial technical specifications. We do know that the Revolution will ride on an STLA frame platform that will undercut body-on-frame EVs with a maximum range of 500 miles (805 km). This juice will be supplied by various battery packs ranging from 159 kWh to over 200 kWh.

New Ram 1500 BEV Teasers
New Ram 1500 BEV Teasers

Stellantis has previously said that the STLA frame will be used for rugged EVs from Ram and Jeep that will measure from 5,400 to 5,900 mm (212.5 to 232.3 in). As for the revolution, that should be a good indication of the production model, considering the road-going version is about a year away. A dual-motor version with all-wheel drive and a double-cab body style seems like an educated guess, along with a front trunk with the oily bits removed.

While there’s no word on power, the electric Ram 1500 should be a worthy opponent for the F-150 Lightning, topping out at 580 hp (433 kW) and 775 lb-ft (1,050 Nm). The Silverado EV packs even more punch at 754 hp (562 kW) and 785 lb-ft (1,064 Nm). More affordable versions with rear-wheel drive and a motor will broaden the customer base.

As for pricing, we’ll remind you that the Blue Oval’s electric ute is now priced at $57,869 for the 2023 model year. The booty-emblemed company is charging $41,595 for its most basic ICE-less Silverado. Both figures include destination charge.

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