5 door Gurkha

Could it be the upcoming 5-door Gurkha? – Dubai Car News

Republic Motor, an Indonesian company, debuted the Ksatria SUV and a special double-cab pickup truck. These new cars are based on Force Motors’ Gorkha 5-door.

. It’s surprising to see a pickup truck on the same chassis even if the Ksatria SUV is just a five-door version of the Gurkha. The Indo Defense Expo and Forum featured two SUVs. According to reports, customers will finally be able to purchase them after they are actually offered to government agencies. The Ksatria SUV and pickup truck will be built locally in Indonesia, while the two SUVs will be built under license from Force Motors. Showcase cars appear to be made in India.

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The Ksatria resembles the Gurkha SUV in terms of appearance. Both vehicles have identical grilles, front bumper, and LED headlights up front. The only distinguishing features appear at the front end, with a bull guard, headlight and indicator guards. Ksatria SUVs have several styles of alloy wheels on the sides. The biggest difference between the Ksatira SUV and the Gurkha is found at the rear. The Indonesian-spec SUVs feature grilles, spare wheel covers, and LED taillights.

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The Ksatria and its Indian cousins ​​differ from within. Unlike the Gurkha, which has only a black interior, it has a dual tone interior with beige and black colors. Ksatrias have more luxurious seats than Gurkhas, among other differences. The 6-seat configuration for the 5-door model features captain’s chairs in the second row and a bench in the third. AC vents include a module that is also mounted on the ceiling.


The Kastria’s engine is the same one that Republic Motor uses in the Gorkha. Mercedes-Benz provided the 2.6-liter OM616 diesel engine, which produces 91 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. Not many details are available about the Ksatria’s powertrain, but given that it’s a rebadged Gurkha, a 5-speed manual gearbox, low-range four-wheel drive, and manually-locked front and rear are likely. A difference of should be available.

Force Gurkha 5-door has never been revealed publicly before, but with a different name in a different nation. The car is currently being developed for its India premiere. It will be interesting to see if the pickup truck makes it to India as it is based on the same platform. If so, it could be a viable alternative to luxury SUVs like the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max V-Cross.

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