Hellephant crate motor 2022

Dodge unveiled the new 1100hp Hellephant GEN III HemiCrate motor range at SEMA. – Dubai Car News

Dodge’s Hellephant off-the-shelf crate engine was the king of grunt when it debuted several years ago, and even the age of the EV seems to have caught up with us, keeping the company from giving the Hemi V8 another handful of stonic. did not stop .

For SEMA 2022, Dodge has unveiled an all-new range of Hellephant crate motors based on the GEN III HEMI, with four different versions ranging from 900hp to the spiciest iteration with eye-watering power. Claims 1100hp.

The new engines are enhanced with factory-assisted direct connection parts from DSR Performance. All new Heliphants feature the DSR’s 3.0-liter IHI supercharger, and can be housed in either cast iron or aluminum blocks (indicated by C or A in the engine numbers).

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Other improvements for the 1000hp and 1100hp versions include a larger supercharger pulley, 105mm throttle body, upgraded heads and valvetrain, stronger pistons, upgraded pushrods, copper leadman and rod bearings, billet steelman caps, and E85 compatibility. Adaptation is included.

Here’s the full breakdown from Dodge’s press release on all four new Hellephant variants:

  • C30 Crate Engine: This new entry in the Hellephant lineup starts with an upgraded 376-cubic-inch cast-iron long-block and features a 3.0L IHI supercharger with a larger throttle body, stronger rods, pistons, upgraded hardware and nearly 900 horsepower. An improved velotrain is included to generate power. On premium fuel, based on preliminary estimates.
  • C170 crate engine: Based on the C30, it features an upgraded fuel system and flex-fuel capability, and based on early estimates will deliver 1000 horsepower with E85 fuel.
  • A30 Crate Engine: Officially known as the Hellephant 426 Supercharged HEMI crate engine, the A30 uses a 426-cubic-inch bore and stroked GEN III HEMI aluminum block and features 4340 H-beam rods with forged aluminum pistons and 3.17-in. 100 horsepower is to be gained by the supercharger. on premium fuel.
  • A170 crate engine: Based on the A30 with an upgraded fuel system with flex fuel capability, the A170 delivers 1100 horsepower with E85 fuel based on initial estimates.

Dodge unveiled the new Hellephant range at SEMA with twin-turbo, straight-six HurriCrate series engines, indicating the company has no intention of turning away from ICE powerplants anytime soon.

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“Enthusiast demand for performance parts for the road and track continues to grow, and Direct Communications will continue to feed that,” said Tim Konskus, Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer – Stellentis.

Included in Dodge’s press release was mention of a ballistic HemiCrate engine from DSR Performance called the 1500 HEMI, capable of (you guessed it) 1500hp and 1000lb-ft. Unfortunately, no other information has been provided about this engine yet.

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No word on pricing or availability of the engines here or stateside at the time of writing, but rest assured local distributors like VPW Australia and Eagle Auto Parts should have them in stock as soon as they become available.

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