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Electric Vehicle Hub and more waiting time updates – Dubai Car News


  • EVHub aims to eliminate the cost of ownership and experience.
  • Real-time delivery updates will be available.
  • A uniquely Australian bent to both

One of the brands most affected by supply constraints this year is Volkswagen, whose sluggish sales recovery is largely out of step with overall market growth for 2022.

Volkswagen Australia executives have given assurances. which car This does not come from lack of interest in the brand, but rather limited supply.

This has particularly affected the Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace, with VW Oz set to cut supply on the in-demand 2.0-litre turbo variants – with Amarok stock selling out ahead of the new model’s 2023 launch. Don’t do it.

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To help customers stay informed, Volkswagen has enhanced its ownership portal with greater communication with owners about their vehicles’ whereabouts and expected delivery times.

Additionally, the brand has introduced an immersive ‘EV hub’ on its website designed to showcase the experience of owning an electric vehicle in Australia. This will be important if VW is to do it. Lowered its sales target of 150,000 EVs. Between 2025-2030.

Wait time portal and real time updates

“Times are different. It’s now the norm to wait for a car, instead of getting it almost immediately. So we wanted to go further as a brand. More to keep our customers updated. work and give them an experience that matches our products,” said Michel Rooney, head of Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles. which car.

“Consumers will get more meaningful updates on where their car is from the factory to delivery,” he added – notably by increasing the number of update messages via text or email from five to 11. And with the ability to access a proprietary portal on the brand’s website. .

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“By connecting the web experience with the mobile interface, customers will be able to see exactly where their car is in action and begin learning about all the technology features they will soon experience.

“Also for the first time, the arrival of their car on Australian soil is anticipated. This is the first iteration of a multi-stage owner portal, which will incorporate various owner tools in the future,” Rooney said. added.

Volkswagen’s EV Hub is designed for Australians.

with Four new electric vehicles And a couple Plug-in hybrids Set to launch locally in the next 18 months, Volkswagen launched a consumer-facing portal on December 7 to help potential EV owners make their decisions.

“Instead of dealing with the topic of BEVs and PHEVs through a list of frequently asked questions on our website, we’ve really gone in a very different direction and created this highly immersive, visual experience that’s not just about the product. speaks, but also its themes. Sustainability It speaks to anything consumers will need to know about e-mobility from the brand,” VW Australia’s marketing and said Ralph Beckman, general manager of products.

“We’re working very closely with our agency partners and partners like Google to understand what are the unique Australian concerns that aren’t related to common things like driving range and charging infrastructure.

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“Putting things like the driving range into a local context, making sure people understand the journey and can be able to plan it… Phase One started today,” Beckman added. and phase two is targeted for the first half of 2023.”

As the second phase begins, interest modules will be registered for ID.4 and ID.5, as well as a Total Cost of Ownership simulator comparing BEVs and PHEVs against ICE vehicles.

“Our intentions are very clear. We’re not here to dip our toe in the water,” Beckman concluded.

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