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Elon Musk’s successor has already been found. – Dubai Car News

Oh Tesla CEO Elon Musk has chosen his replacement as CEO of the world’s leading electric car maker, a Tesla board member has testified in court.

James Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, made the comments during a hearing regarding Tesla’s 2018 pay package.

While no potential successor was specifically named, the comments come amid concerns from shareholders that Musk may be pulling away from many of his projects, such as StarLink, Boring Company, SpaceX, and now Twitter. Distracting – The most recent acquisition after a long time is sinking. A dramatic takeover bid

Also troubling investors was Musk’s reassignment of engineers from Tesla to Twitter, which the board was said to be overseeing.

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According to ReutersAfter being asked by the plaintiffs’ attorney whether Musk had identified a potential successor as CEO, Murdoch replied: “Actually he has,” adding that the discussion had taken place “over the past few months.” was done

Further testimony from Ira Ehrenpress, a longtime Musk friend and venture capitalist who chairs Tesla’s compensation committee, said Musk’s generous compensation was intended to serve as an incentive for “serial entrepreneurs” to stay with Tesla.

“We wanted Elon to be the head of Tesla for a very long time,” Ehrenpreis said of Musk’s $55 billion pay package.

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Following the Twitter purchase, Musk has shared that he will reduce his time at the social media giant, possibly appointing someone new to the CEO role. same as Reuters The report details that Tesla is in talks to find an “executive CEO” to handle finance and human resources challenges, allowing Musk to focus on his role as chief product officer. Permission is granted.

Musk has not indicated any timeline for leaving Tesla, recently telling shareholders that he planned to stay with the automaker “as long as I can be useful.”

Despite that assurance, there has been speculation as to who might eventually fill the role, with the more prominent names being Drew Baglino, Tesla’s current senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering, or his Autopilot team director is Ashok Eluswamy.

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