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EV Networks marks 100th EV charging station – Dubai Car News


  • 100th EV charging hub milestone launched in Toowoomba
  • 2 million kWh and 12 million km sold to EV drivers in three years.
  • Aim to triple network locations by 2023

Evie Networks has launched its 100th charging electric vehicle charging site in just three years.

The milestone was marked today by the activation of two 350kW DC ultra-rapid stations at the Toowoomba NorthPoint shopping center west of Brisbane.

Last week, the St. Baker Energy Innovation Fund-backed EV charging provider celebrated two million kilowatt-hours of energy sold on its network. This equates to approximately 12 million kilometers of driving and approximately 100,000 successful charging sessions.

The Australian company plans to triple the size of its network by 2023 by installing 200 new charging hubs.

The rollout of EVs has been accelerated thanks to a nearly $9 million grant from the federal government’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) as part of the Future Fuels Fund.

Partnerships with companies such as AMP Capital, Viva Energy (owner of Shell-branded fuel stations), Hungry Jacks and local councils have given it 24-hour lighting, access and facilities near 100 per cent renewable energy-powered EV public chargers. is enabled to install. security

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Evie Networks first debuted in late 2019 with the opening of two 350kW DC chargers at the McDonald’s rest stop at Coochin Creek, sitting between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

It is the country’s second-largest EV charging provider, covering all states except the Northern Territory and consists mostly of 50kW DC fast to 350kW DC ultra-fast stations built by Brisbane manufacturer Tritium.

They cost $0.40 and $0.60 per kWh, respectively, which is cheaper than the $0.68 to $0.69 per kWh fee from Tesla’s exclusive supercharging network.

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However, thanks, in part, to the Arena, each charger is required to offer both the standard CCS2 and the rarer CHAdeMO connector plug types, but as part of funding requirements to comply with the same guidelines. No need to be able to charge in time. Appointed by the apex body of Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) in 2017.

This is in contrast to new EV chargers such as AmpCharge’s Arena-supported AmpCharge network, which allows synchronous charging on its 150kW DC ABB chargers, while some of the BP Pulse 75kW DC Tritium units Each has two CCS2 cables exclusively and can charge at the same time. 50/25kW DC power module distribution.

State motoring club-owned Chargefox is still the largest network in Australia, with 271 AC and DC charging locations, according to PlugShare.

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