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As BMW’s six-year-old ‘G01’ X3 medium SUV comes to the end of its run, news and rumors of the next-generation model are intensifying.

The current BMW X3Unveiled in June 2017, it has a special connection to Australia – its lead designer, Calvin Luckis an Australian who joined BMW after completing design studies at the University of Technology Sydney and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Born in 1985, Luk is one of BMW’s youngest designers – yet he is already known for his work on the second-generation ‘F48’ X1 SUV, the second-generation ‘F20’ 1 Series hatch A mid-life facelift, and the Z4 concept that led to the current third-generation ‘G29’ Z4 roadster. A little excited then.

2024 BMW X3 Renderings What Car Australia 01


So, what can we expect from the 2024 BMW X3?

Back to the X3: In its current guise, the X3 is an exceptionally varied offering, available here in petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid, pure electric, M Performance and Hero M guises.

The upcoming new model is expected to continue this theme region-wise. Petrol and diesel options will 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 3.0-liter six-cylinder form again featureas part of a commitment to give buyers the options they need whenever possible.

Even those models, however, will see something ‘Mild hybrid’ tech They have been added to be as fuel efficient as they can be for increasingly stringent emissions regulations, likely to feature a 48-volt system.

Expect the usual focus on performance offerings at the top end of the ‘ICE’ (Internal Combustion Engine) lines, with M40i and M40d models Likely to be presented again. As for the X3 M… more on that, further down.

In front of the style, Spy Photos Online suggesting that we can expect the new model to primarily take styling cues. The new X1though the larger XM will likely inform some of the X3’s design themes as well.

2024 BMW X3 Rendering Kiss Car Australia 02 Copy


Platforms: Some old, some new

will represent the new generation. An important transition point for the X3 linewith ICE and PHEV (plug-in hybrid) models to sit on the evolution of the current model’s CLAR (cluster architecture) platform, while the second-generation iX3 electric SUV will transition to BMW’s upcoming model. New class platform.

Whether the models will wear the same body panels — apart from typical EV features like the closed-off grille design worn by the current iX3 and i4 sedans — remains to be seen.

The X3 we’ve featured for this story is our take on the regular petrol and diesel models, but there’s no need to imagine that the iX3 will only get a new closed grille (see i4 below) and a new bumper design. Can add, and can delete. exhaust pipe.

Combustion models are likely to continue with the eight-speed torque converter automatic, although improvements in performance and refinement should be expected.

2022 BMW I 4 E Drive 40 I Sedan 4


The BMW i4 sedan, with its closed grille design

Next iX3: more power, more range, more more

The new iX3 is likely to be seen as the jewel in BMW’s new X3 range, especially in Europe where brands and buyers are being heavily encouraged to focus on EVs – and the impending ban on ICE models. That means the new iX3 will need to offer competitive technology and pricing. both of them

BMW has already confirmed that its new ‘Gen6’ electric drive systems will feature a new battery design with a much longer driving range than its current capability – the best at 505km for the 2023 iX xDrive50. is above.

Talking with British publication Auto car BMW’s head of Efficient Dynamics, Thomas Albrecht, said: “Gen6 batteries will give us 30 percent or more range Compared to our current Gen5, but we won’t go over the 1000km limit, even though we could. We don’t think such a long range is necessary.

Upgrade to 800 volt electrics Charging should also look pretty fast with a rate of 250kW The battery charges from 10 to 80 percent in about 25 minutes.

More on this at the link below.

Wheels Reviews 2022 BMW IX 3 M Carbon Black Metallic Australia Static Front 2 S Rawlings


Above: The current BMW iX3 electric SUV

Hero: X3 M, or… iX3 M?

He leaves. Hero X 3M, which in its current iteration is powered by a 375kW/650Nm twin-turbo six. But, as recent reports suggest, the next X3 M will be electric, meaning we can expect it iX3 M seeds

However, it remains to be seen if these reports are true or not. For now, there are only all-electric M cars. i4 M50 sedan And iX M60. Neither is a ‘full-on’ M model, but with respective outputs of 400kW/795Nm and 455kW/1100Nm, they’re not exactly short on power.

An iX3 M50 Sounds like a sure thing, but we’ll have to wait and see if the new iX3 line will indeed introduce the first ‘full-fat’ electric M model.

X 3 M competition front


Above: Current BMW X3 M Hero SUV.

2024 BMW X3: As always, bigger than ever

In either case, the new X3 will be larger than the current model, ensuring it again sits well above the smaller X1 – which has also grown in size this generation, with a 2692mm wheelbase over the previous model’s. Extends 22mm from the footprint.

The current X3 boasts a 2864mm wheelbase – significantly longer than the second-gen X3’s 2610mm, but still shy of the new-gen 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC’s 2888mm wheelbase. In this part, every millimeter counts.

A bigger X3 would be about rear legroom, which remains a key metric in the premium family car arms race. Regardless, an even longer ‘L’ model will likely be offered in China, where a spacious second row is considered a sign of social status.

Increased cargo space There will probably be a factor, too, with the new-generation Mercedes GLC comfortably pushing out its 620-litre boot. 550-litres of space from the current X3.

2023 BMW X 1 S Drive 20 I SUV Blue 1 2211 Bmwx 1


Above: The new X1 is noticeably larger than its predecessor.

When will the 2024 BMW X3 go on sale in Australia?

The 2024 model year should surely be a clue. Current expectations are that the new X3 will be introduced either in late 2023 or early 2024. Which could see an Australian launch sometime in mid-2024.

This is the ICE model, though. BMW has already confirmed that its Neue Klasse models won’t debut until 2025, meaning the next iX3 will arrive a year or so after the regular petrol and diesel X3 variants.

“Our new class is coming in 2025 – for the launch we are planning a compact sedan and a sporty SUV in the 3 Series segment,” BMW boss Oliver Zipse said on the matter.

Look for more on the new X3 in the coming months.

Below: The current BMW X3

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Wheels Reviews 2022 BMW X 3 X Drive 30 E Phytonic Blue Australia Dynamic Rear 1 S Rawlings


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