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Exicom and Hero Partner for BMS Solutions – Dubai Car News

Partnerships are critical to long-term success in the automotive industry and this collaboration not only leads to greater profits but also greater innovation as collaboration between brands results in better solutions and technology. In the same light, Exicom, a leading EV charger and lithium-ion battery player, today said it has entered into an agreement with Hero Electric to supply Battery Management System (BMS) for the latter’s electric two-wheelers in India.


The BMS, often referred to as the ‘brain’ of the EV, is responsible for monitoring the performance and safety parameters of the battery pack. Exicom said its BMS will allow Hero Electric to comply with AIS-156 safety norms applicable from December 2022 and March 2023. Hero Electric plans to purchase 5 lakh units of Exicom BMS annually, considering the rapid growth in demand for EVs in the country. . Under this partnership, Exicom will provide Hero Electric with Intelligent BMS, built on a number of advanced technologies around remote health monitoring, multi-level safety checks to ensure battery-safe operating areas. , and advanced features like cell balancing, proprietary SoX. Algorithms that help extend the two-wheeler’s range and battery pack life.

Exicom and Hero Partner for BMS Solutions Dubai Car

About Exicom

But why Exicom? Exicom has made significant investments in BMS development, advanced battery packaging technologies, and cell research. With in-house hardware and software development capability, Exicom will be well positioned to support one of the largest electric two-wheeler manufacturers for future roadmap customizations and products. Exicom BMS has a cumulative experience of 5 Cr+ km on Indian roads, making it one of the strongest players in the market. This technological experience can help Hero develop better products for the Indian market.

Exicom and Hero Partner for BMS Solutions Dubai Car

Official statement

Commenting on the partnership, Ananth Nahta, Managing Director, Exicom said, “We are delighted to partner with India’s first and largest electric two-wheeler brand – Hero Electric to bring an environmentally-friendly solution to the country. To support their mission of two-wheeler solutions. We have been able to advance efficiency and safety through deep tech integration. We are constantly working to develop innovative solutions that set the standard for our industry. We do and our intelligent BMS is a perfect example of this. We will continue to innovate in this space.

Mr. Suhandar Singh Gill, CEO, Hero Electric said, “BMS is the nerve center of electric vehicles and we are continuously reviewing its design and features with our preferred partner Exicom to ensure the safest and best performance. offer battery systems that do. Hero is a clear winner in providing the best “Total Cost of Ownership” for its entire range of vehicles and latest technology batteries and a well-designed BMS is a great enabler in this. Our The new line of modular BMS will be future-proof and not only AIS 156 compliant, but will also have additional high levels of safety and control to give our batteries the highest performance over their entire life cycle of 1500 cycles plus. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with Exicom to achieve our mission to be the leader in electric mobility in India.”

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