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Fixing up Dad’s VE Valiant Ute and hitting the dyno! – Dubai Car News

DAdvertisement The Ute makes a return for this episode. Massacreas Scotty fixed a few niggles and then hit the dyno to get the VE ute ready for another crackdown on the strip.

Street Machine TV Carnage VE Valiant Ute 28


Regular viewers will know that in the last episode featuring the 318-powered ute, Scotty shifted the auto, fitted a high stall converter from TCE and upgraded the valve springs.

Street Machine TV Carnage VE Valiant Ute 4


While those mods ran smoothly, the heavy-duty valve springs got a weak pushrod. Odds are the rod would have given way at some point, so as annoying as it was we preferred it to be in the workshop rather than down the dragstrip at 7000rpm.

Street Machine TV Carnage VE Valiant Ute 35


The episode opens with Scotty replacing the pesky pushrod, adjusting the rockers, and bringing the 318 back to life.

Since the small block Chrysler also now has an ignition upgrade thanks to some Pro Flow gear from our friends at VPW, Scotty thought it was worth throwing the big wheel back on the dyno at Max Performance for a health check.

Street Machine TV Carnage VE Valiant Ute 10


Zane even gives Scotty a chance to run the dyno himself, and we get a lesson on how to set the timing for a small-block Mopar on a spin. So sit back, crack the coldie and enjoy another sweet episode. Massacre

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