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key points

  • Made in Australia.
  • Specially developed in Australia to suit 4×4 vehicles.
  • Dual purpose, starter/deep cycle battery

One of the many problems we face as a result of the loss of manufacturing in Australia is that there are fewer products available for Australian conditions.

Products that are designed, tested and built right here in Australia to help us live in and cope with the unique and sometimes extreme conditions in this vast brown land.

If there’s one component in our 4×4 vehicles that can withstand the extremes of Australian conditions, it’s your starter battery.

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You might be turning the key to start your four-by in the sub-zero temperatures of the Victorian High Country just weeks before tackling the heat and humidity of the Top End and the contrasting temperatures of the Simpson Desert along the way. . .

No matter where you are, you want a battery you can count on to crank your engine every time you turn the key.

So I’m glad to see. Australian made The logo on the USA Overlander 4×4 Battery When I visited Battery World to get a new battery for the cruiser.

Yuasa Century is part of the Yuasa Group and as such, its ‘wet’ batteries are manufactured at the Brisbane facility which is the largest manufacturer of vehicle batteries in Australia.

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of Usa Overlander 4×4 Battery Developed specifically for 4×4 vehicles in Australia where, they not only need to withstand temperature extremes, but also the rough and tumble of long distances on rutted roads and rocky tracks.

What USA calls Plate Lock technology is used in the construction of the Overlander 4×4 battery to help protect it from the shocks and impacts of life on rough roads.

Another thing that makes the Overlander 4×4 battery suitable for use in a touring 4×4 is that it is called a dual-purpose, starter/deep cycle battery. Not a true deep cycle battery but its thicker internal plates make it better equipped to handle the charge and discharge cycles that come with running accessories or, in my case, irregular use.

4 X 4 Australia Gear 2022 Yuasa Overlander 4 X 4 Battery 7


The battery fitted to the cruiser is a 100amp/h, 760CCA unit in a standard N70 casing so it was easy to fit and suited my needs easily. The Yuasa Overlander 4×4 battery range has six models in its range, mainly for three different applications in a choice of C and D polarity placement.

Such N70 batteries are covered by Yuasa’s 36-month warranty, while the smaller units get a 30-month warranty.

The Usa range of 4×4, car, motorcycle and power sports batteries are available from Battery World stores around Australia. This Overlander 4×4 battery was $339 from my local Battery World in Melbourne where many other 12V accessories were also available in store.

Check the website to find the right battery for your nearest store and your 4×4, and ask the experts there which products will be right for you.

More information: www.batteryworld.com.au
: $339

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