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Google Maps Update Helps Find EV Fast Chargers – Dubai Car News

TThe latest version of Google Maps is now able to provide not only directions to electric vehicle chargers, but also their wattage details.

This will help EV drivers determine which charging point will charge them faster – provided the faster point is not being used.

Recharge time has long been a bugbear of EV ownership, so the extra help in finding a fast charger will certainly benefit time-conscious drivers who may not be familiar with a nearby charging network.

Searching for “EV charging stations” in Google Maps will return results that show the location, opening hours, plug type (ie CCS, CHAdeMO, Tesla, etc.) and the charging capacity of the station.

A filter option will also let drivers choose what type of charger they’re looking for – although our personal attempts on the iOS and iPadOS versions of the app crashed the home screen.

2022 Google Maps EV Charging Network Update 4


In comparison, Apple Maps search results will currently only return location, opening hours and the number of chargers in the location.

The update follows previous EV-centric features on Google Maps, which included charger availability and provided routing that showed the best route based on the type of driving.

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